Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fergie seeks rule changes ahead of Kiev clash...

Ahead of United's home game with Dynamo Kiev, a game that should the Reds win will secure their place in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Fergie has spoken about his desire to have the rules changed with regards to the numbers of permitted substitutes. Currently the number is five and only three can be used, Fergie wants that number increased to seven.

To make his point and to explain his reasoning behind the proposed rule change, the United manager used the example of Darren Fletcher, who he says was 'fantastic' against Kiev when the two sides met recently, but last weekend against the Gunners there was no place for Scotland's captain, not even on the bench.

After nearly 21 years as United manager you'd have thought that maybe this sort of thing would be water off a duck's back, in all honesty it probably is and what the manager is doing by speaking out is appearing to show a degree of sympathy for his fellow countryman.

To be clear, the United manager is not asking to field more subs he just wants more players on the bench. So is there any likelihood of this this happening? I actually think Fergie's request will fall upon deaf ears, managers already have nearly half a team to choose from, so I do not see the Reds supremo receiving much support to increase the current number for the purpose of effectively massaging bruised ego's.

Assuming that the Reds put qualification to bed this evening at Old Trafford, Fergie will then have the opportunity to tinker in the remaining Group F games.

The United manager says that he will make two to three changes for the visit of Kiev, Michael Carrick could start, if that is so, expect either Hargreaves or Anderson to be rested. The other changes could see Saha and Nani coming in for Tevez and Giggs respectively.

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