Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sir Alex Ferguson and Interviews.

Supporters of Manchester United, especially those around the world, subscribe to the Manchester United Satellite Channel to listen to the latest news and to hear from the personalities within the club. Sir Alex Ferguson has done them all a great disservice by his rather childish refusal to give them an interview.It also shows that he is a law to himself within the club. A dangerous position for any owner to accept. Surely David Gill should be telling, yes telling, Sir Alex Ferguson that no man is bigger than the club and he will give interviews. It is a statement that the manager has used when ridding the club of troublesome players in the past.

The rules of the Premier League are that managers are to give interviews after the game.

Whilst I understand his refusal to speak to the BBC after he demanded an apology over the treatment of his son in a Panorama programme on football agents. Yet , surely, that is a personal and not a professional matter. Why, if he felt so wronged by that programme did he not support his son in a civil action against the BBC? Why can he not separate personal from professional baffles me.

Why the FA have not announced the amount of fine, as he has allegedly been found guilty of failing to give an interview to the BBC, is another mystery. But it all adds up to the feeling within and without the game that Sir Alex Ferguson is bigger than the game. That cannot be allowed to continue.

He has, following the Liverpool game, refused to speak to anyone. Well perhaps Nani, for one, would have liked his Manager to publicly stick up for him and the disgusting tackle made by Carragher. (I was pleased to read that Carragher has apologised for the tackle and tried to speak to Nani but, it is reported he was refused entry into the United dressing room).

Perhaps the team would have liked him to mention that, actually, he had selected the team which played so badly. Perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson is creating the wall around the club to create the 'them and us', the 'world is against us' that has 'allegedly' taken them on to win so many titles.

The fact remains that, in my view, Sir Alex Ferguson is in real danger of being charged with bringing the game into disrepute. That would be terrible at, what I believe, is the autumn of his career. He has given so much, won so much, created so many great teams. But will he relish being banned from the touchline for a season?

Perhaps this is all a build up of frustration of not having the money to buy great players. How many times, during the Glazers ownership, have we read that the manager has 80 million, 100 million and more to spend. Then the ridiculous statement that there is little quality about. Tottenham have not done too badly, nor Chelsea or Liverpool have they?

When he has to resort to extending the contracts of mediocre players fans must be concerned that our glory days may be coming to an end.


  1. I agree with much of that Mr Strapworld - especially the bit about separating personal affairs from his professional duties. However, I also agree with Fergie in reference to his comments about dreadful referee's such as Atkinson and Dowd - both have been appalling in the last two games.

    The acceptance bar has to be raised in ref to the standard of refereeing, because it is too low right now.

    Fergie should be free to say what he thinks about such officials - why should he be punished for saying what he believes?

  2. This article is utter rubbish!. Thus, it speaks volume of the person behind it.

    True united fans wl know what has happend the last wk & wl fully understand Fergie's reaction & decision to hv a news blackout. Only retards wl question his decision. Only retards wl slap their face twice!.

    I suspect the person behind this to be one!.

  3. James, Because all clubs have signed up to the 'respect' campaign.

  4. Well it takes one to spot one, so they say!

  5. I agree with your statement that Ferguson should have used the opportunity to support the team. I said the same thing in my blog post 'Sir Alex Ferguson's Media Meltdown'.

  6. Thank you Paul.

    We shall see what happens on Saturday. I am quite concerned that the next seven days could see our season nosedive. I hope not. But I did rather agree with a football writer in one of the newspapers who said that nobody deserved to win the premiership this season.

    If not United let us hope it is not Chelsea.


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