Monday, March 21, 2011

Sense of injustice could spur United on to victory over Chelsea on domestic and European fronts..

United have been drawn against Chelsea in the quarter finals of the Champions League and of course the two clubs will meet each other again in the Premier League at Old Trafford in May.

United fans will no doubt be sick and tired of reading about Chelsea taking revenge over the Red Devils, because if anything it is the league leaders who should be looking to avenge too many wrongdoings when the two clubs have met in recent seasons.

When Chelsea lost the Moscow Champions League final to United in 2008, it had nothing to do with injustice, it was just down to bad luck as John Terry slipped when taking that hilarious never to be forgotten penalty in the shoot-out. United won the cup the rest is history.

Since then, all we've heard is talk of Chelsea taking revenge. Yet the fact is, in too many meetings with Chelsea since 2008, it is United who've been on the wrong end of injustice; take the recent the league game with Chelsea at the beginning of March. David Luiz should definitely have been sent off - and yet the Brazilian was allowed to stay on the pitch, despite the fact that he'd hacked down several United players and then to cap it all he scored the opening goal.

Let us also not forget that United should have played Chelsea earlier in the season but that game was called off due to 'bad weather', that was despite the fact that reports suggested the Chelsea pitch was perfectly playable. The original fixture would have been played prior to Chelsea signing Luiz and Torres. United fans will not need reminding that Chelsea were playing well below their best at that particular time.

In last season's meeting at Old Trafford, Didier Drogba scored the winning goal and yet he was clearly offside.

In recent encounters, Chelsea have only been able to beat United with the help of the referee, hopefully their luck is set to run out. United are due a couple of wins over Chelsea and I for one cannot wait to celebrate knocking them out of the Champions League and winning the Premier League.


  1. It seems pretty obvious Chelsea are buying refereeing decisions. The mad Russian obviously has zero integrity. No one gets that rich that by legitimate means. A referee would be way cheaper than another player

  2. I don't know about buying off our incompetent officials, but I do hope for once we get the rub of the green against the rent-boys. Whatever the outcome, I doubt we are good enough to win the thing, but knocking out Chelsea would be very sweet.

  3. Whilst not agreeing with the bribery implications in sydney-rob's comment. He does make interesting observations.

    Last Sunday's game was typical of all Chelsea's home games. Bad/poor/dubious refereeing decisions in favour of the home side and few for the away side.

    Watch how Chelsea players always challenge every and any decision a referee/linesman may make against them. Supported by the crowd. A real tactic United should follow until the game is cleaned up.

    I do think the Football Association should consider how they can recover the ground lost to players and come up with strict guidelines for all referees to follow without deviation.I believe only a really hard line will bring back respect for referees.

    They should also bring in a sin bin.

    The routine sending to the sin bin of any player tugging at other players shirts etc. This practice will soon stop when teams are reduced in number and lose games as a result.Ten minutes is a long time to lose key defenders.

    Any player who argues with a referee's decision to be sent off!

    If a team surrounds a referee
    for whatever purpose the captain and the manager to be sent off!

    And a penalty goal to be awarded, for those occasions when a foul is committed outside the penalty area but were the attacking player is, in the referee's opinion, in a real goal scoring position.

    As for drawing Chelsea. We are due to win at Stamford Bridge and we will. We will also beat them at Old Trafford (twice).


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