Sunday, March 06, 2011

Liverpool get the breaks: United shoot themselves in the foot...

Without doubt Liverpool deserved their victory. Three extremely soft goals, but goals they were and all from errors by Manchester United players. Carrick. Nani and, from the free kick, the whole defence by not following the ball in.

What will United do if Scholes decides to hang up his boots? The midfield, apart from Scholes, were woeful. One can only sit back and wonder what was going through the Manager's head when he agreed to extend Carrick's contract. Apart from one forward pass and one tackle he was simply awful. He never tries a shot from just outside the area, his passing is invariably to his side or back to the defence.

I felt sorry for Brown. Let's face it he has not been played for a few games whilst O'Shea has. Silly decision to play him. I would rather have seen Fletcher in central defence! Some players played well, many did not.

Yes Carragher should have had a red card and after that tackle on Rafael another Liverpool player could quite easily have had a red card. BUT, perhaps, this is pay back time from the referee's union! Ferguson should consider apologising and take Atkinson out for dinner.

It was a very poor display by United. I note that one Sunday Newspaper says that Ferguson is going to spend over £100million in the summer. I think he may have to double that amount.

What annoyed me was that whilst Liverpool showed great determination, especially in the second half, United were just chasing shadows.

On this week's showing we will be kissing goodbye to the FA Cup next Saturday.

Very poor show.


  1. Strapworld,

    Funny how we both saw the same game differently.

  2. James, That is why blogs are working. It would be bloody awful if we all saw the game the same.
    But, I am sure, after reflection, you will agree that my view was the right one!

    I noticed, yesterday, that most football correspondents tore into carrick.


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