Thursday, March 03, 2011


Well Manchester United have shown their ambition. They have proved to the world that under the control of the Glazers only the best will play for United.

Michael Carrick, that midfield player of great renown has signed an extention to his contract until 2014.

As Victor Meldrew would say 'I don't believe it'

So we can forget Messi, we can stop the dreaming, it is free transfers, basement bargains from now on.

The future is dark.


  1. Doesn't look promising does it. We can kiss goodbye to the rebuilding that the papers had been talking about. At least as far as the midfield goes and that's been our weak link for a few years now.

    Realistically we needed to offload existing players to make the space and provide funds for reinforcements. Carrick is dead weight, Anderson will never really reach his early potential in my opinion but with both recently signing new contracts along with Fletcher and possibly Scholes (still very up in the air) then that's our central midfield for the next 12 months at least. I cant remember when Gibson signed his last contract but It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if he was the next to be offered a new deal.

    I was really hoping we would see 2-3 of our existing midfielders sold and replaced (along with a keeper) but now I can only see us getting a keeper this summer and that's even if Scholes decides to retire.

  2. Ferguson has worked football miracles with so little money to spend - and yet at the same time he's wasted £7m+ on the likes of Bebe. The future for United in the short-term isn't looking too good, but after losing to Chelsea and in particular based on the 1st half performance I'm more confident about winning the league than I was this time last week.


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