Tuesday, March 29, 2011

CAPELLO. RIO and the England Captaincy

The issue of the captaincy of England has been so badly handled by the Italian manager that it is about time he was told enough is enough.

Whilst I personally cannot stand the individual, there is no doubt that Terry is a leader. But surely the captain of our National side should be judged on both his on field as well as his off field activities. The captain has to be someone whom young children can look up to.

There is also no doubt that Rio Ferdinand has done some stupid things. The most serious one missing the drugs test- which if he was an athlete would have had extremely serious consequences on his career. But he has done much to clean up his act and has grown into a highly respected footballer and a very good captain.

But the treatment of Rio Ferdinand by Capello the overpaid and under performing manager of England is beyond a disgrace. It is one where the Chairman of the Football Association should personally step in and admonish Capello.

There has been no report of any organised meeting between Ferdinand and Capello. Other than they were both at Old Trafford in the stands. Did Capello really expect to conduct such a personal and sensitive matter in full view of the crowd and television camera’s? If so the man has no sense of decorum whatsoever.

But it is the constant criticism, by Capello, towards Ferdinand which, I believe, is annoying reasonable people up and down this country. Ferdinand has conducted himself very well. He brought dignity and respect to the role of Captain of the National side. Nobody can criticise his managing of that role. Yet Capello blames Ferdinand for snubbing him! Capello blames Ferdinand for everything. In my view those are the tactics by a man who knows he is wrong and cannot stop digging.

I do believe the Chairman of the Football Association should ascertain just what arrangements were made, or attempted, for a meeting with Rio Ferdinand. Was a private room requested and booked?. Were arrangements made for the meeting, if so how and is there documentary proof of such arrangements. Is there any evidence that Rio Ferdinand knew of these arrangements? Again, if so where is that evidence?

But it was the revelation, by Steven Gerrard who had held the captaincy during the absence through injury of Rio Ferdinand, that he had been contacted personally, by telephone, by Capello that made most people sit up. Why, if the vice captain, Steven Gerrard, can have a telephone conversation with Capello, did Capello not afford the same respect to Ferdinand? Again this is where the Chairman of the Football Association must demand answers.

Why did Capello’s deputy tell Ferdinand, in a telephone conversation -which proves they had his number- that Terry would be a temporary appointment. Why the confusion between Capello and his Italian colleague / There could not have been a language difficulty surely.

Capello has old fashioned views on man management. He did have an excellent pedigree as a club manager. But he has no idea of England and the English. He says he only needs one hundred words of English to speak to his players, which is an admission that he has failed in what he agreed to do, learn English.

Rio Ferdinand deserves a full and public apology from Capello then, perhaps, the issue can be laid to rest.

Another concern, which others may have spotted, is how the football press have started writing that Capello is the right man for the job. On what basis they can say that is beyond me. Beating Wales?

The man is overpaid, has not brought success and should be allowed to go as soon as possible and a good English manager appointed.

Strapworld. 29.March 2011


  1. While I agree Capello is vastly overpaid and he should have been sacked, I personally think Rio is better off out of the England team - so I'm hoping he retires sooner rather than later so that he can concentrate on the only thing that really matters and that is his club career at United.

    Capello is a joke, but the FA are the biggest joke for extending that ridiculous contract.

  2. Capello is now a laughing stock and the captaincy issue is now beyond parody. Well, almost ...


  3. James,

    He may well be a joke, but he has greatly insulted Rio Ferdinand in both words and deeds. Capello may well be a joke but he should learn to act properly and apologise publicly to Rio.

    When in Rome!

  4. To be honest, I don't really care about England...I lost interest after 1970, we've been pants ever since.


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