Monday, October 18, 2010

United heading for meltdown as Rooney looks set for exit door...

IF we are to believe the widespread media reports about the future of troubled Wayne Rooney, then it looks like he could be about to quit the club. Alarmingly for United's money men, Rooney is into the last 20 months of his contract and following claims of a complete relationship breakdown between player and manager, it is now suggested the club's talisman could be leaving as soon as January. Moves to Barcelona, Real Madrid and worst of all money-bags Manchester City have been mooted.

With so little time left to run on his contract, from a negotiating point of view, United could be forced to accept a cut-price offer for the player, because Real Madrid and Barcelona are unlikely to break the bank when they know full well that they could sign the player for free in a little over 12 months time.

Clearly, Rooney is no Cristiano Ronaldo and so there's no hope in hell of coming anywhere near the £80m United received from Real Madrid for the Portuguese winger; more likely, United will receive between £20m and £30m at best.

For supporters, this news will be hard to stomach, because in the space of just two years it looks like the club will have lost Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney.

Ronaldo and Tevez have moved on and despite many United supporters claiming Tevez wasn't worth his agent's asking price of £30m, the fact is, the City striker has now out-scored Rooney (Total goals, Rooney: 37 Tevez: 42) over the last two seasons.
Ronaldo is working his magic for Real Madrid and it looks like Rooney will heading for the same exit door.

If as expected Rooney leaves it will be the latest significant marker in United's decline following the Glazer takeover of the club in 2005. You cannot allow players of the calibre of Ronaldo, Tevez and now Rooney to leave without replacing them with world-class players and United have failed to do that.

Despite claiming the club has money to spend, talk is cheap, and United haven't spent the £80m that they received from the sale of Ronaldo. Ferguson failed to make any significant moves for either Sneijder or Mesut Ozil and so the manager is still relying on 35-year-old veterans Giggs and Scholes.

Following an indifferent start to the new season, there has to be a very real prospect that Manchester City could finish above United in the Premier League, if that happens then what is the point of our manager and CEO claiming there's money in the bank? However, the truth is of the £165m in the club coffers, the Glazers can reportedly take out £130m and let's not forget that United are being crippled by staggering annual interest payments that dwarf those of Liverpool who last week had their debts wiped out following yet another takeover.

United are without any shadow of doubt heading for meltdown and the clock is ticking for the Glazers, because by the time Ferguson retires United could be a mid-table Premier League club - at least we will be unless the team is strengthened with the addition of four world-class players. Ferguson needs two midfield players, a striker and a goalkeeper, but will it happen? Don't hold your breath.


  1. Our worst fears are slowing coming to life..

    if United cannot perform successfully on the pitch , the debts will snowball..

    As far as Rooney is concerned its not club or managers fault... He needs to get his head examined..

    Yes we need two very good midfielders as soon as possible and a goalie.

    Evra must be given an extended break.

  2. Heresay. I think the time has come for Sir Alex Ferguson to accept that age is a barrier.

    As all who employ people will accept. The young people, today, will not just accept what we oldies may have accepted in the past. They have different attitudes, beliefs and in so many cases morals. The days of the 'hairdryer' are well and truly over. I cannot imagine Mourino giving his players that kind of treatment.

    The club have to come to terms with the fact that, for all his brilliance, Ferguson is in danger of losing the club a player who can turn matches when he is fit and his head is not turned by off field events.

    I think Tevez would have stayed but Ferguson let him go and look at the brilliance of that player.

    Then look at his mistakes in letting good young players go. We need strong defenders yet lets Shawcross go and Barcelona and Spain get the benefit of another great defender!

    If, as it appears, Rooney is to be kicked out for his loose morals then I fear that Ferdinand will not be far behind.

    Can we just stand and watch whilst an old man, out of his depth with modern youth and modern life, lets player after player go?

    We need a new manager with a new modern outlook.

    Just remember one of the best managers, Clough. He ended with relegation as it all crumbled around him. Do supporters really want United to crumble and become a middle of the table team?

    Let us face the truth people, the way we are playing is terrible. West Brom looked and were the better team.

    Where is our midfield general? Where is our leader? Where is our hope?

    Sorry, Sir Alex. You have been absolutely outstanding, A true great. A man with a record that few, if any, will better. Go whilst you are still at the top. People will not forgive you if Rooney and others leave and the truth of their leaving Sir!

    Time for a happy and long retirement.

  3. Babu R,

    If United cannot perform successfully on the pitch, the debts will true!

    The problems within the squad are very obvious, but Fergie hasn't done enough to address them.

    Not sure about Evra needing a break, some decent cover yes without doubt. I dread to think what Adam Johnson would do to John O'Shea for example.

  4. Strapworld,

    I agree with much of what you say but apart for his failure to buy the right players, I think Fergie has been doing a good job under difficult circumstances - limited funds etc.

    Regarding, Pique and Shawcross, you might well have a point there, but in the case of Pique didn't the player want to go?

    The team has been playing well at times but they've been making silly mistakes this season. For the first 40 mins against the Baggies I thought we played really well but what followed was terrible.

    I cannot believe we are going to end up playing second fiddle to City. How the f*ck did it come to this?

  5. Mr Ryddel,

    Pique may well have wanted to go, BUT Why? Could it be because he was not given many first team opportunities? If he believed his better chance of first team football was to move then I can understand that.

    But that does not explain Ferguson not seeing what a great player the lad was and would be! He was not wedded to the squad rotation method he now, allegedly, prefers.

    Please do not get me wrong. I am the first to acknowledge the brilliance of Ferguson but he, like all who are of a similar age, must accept that you are just not the same person as you were in your 30/40/50's! It is a simple fact of life, sadly!

    Football is a young man's game. Just remember what I wrote about Clough, then also consider Sir Bobby Robson. A brilliant manager. A great tactician. But he was sacked!

    Does Ferguson want that? Believe me the American business man/woman have a no nonsense approach and will sack him if they believe they are about to lose money!

  6. Your points about Pique are quite true.

    I agree with you that football is by and large a young man's game but it doesn't alter the fact that Fergie has been doing a good job under difficult circumstances.

    There's simply no way the Glazers' would ever sack Fergie. Fergie would have to have a serious public fall-out with owners for that to happen... but of course you can never say never in this game.

    But Fergie could go the same way as Clough and the way things are heading I think there's a good chance he could go out as a loser.

    By the same token, Rooney could be the next Gazza - a flawed hero who lost his way when he had the world as his feet, and I will make this prediction that is exactly what will happen to him.

  7. Mr Rydell,

    I do accept your points, especially about Rooney.

    I still believe that Ferguson must look himself in the mirror.

    You and I conduct ourselves with courtesy. We may agree to differ but accept that we are both entitled to our view. Why Ferguson alienates himself so much I never know. Unlike Clough, who still had most of the press behind him, I am afraid Ferguson will be hung drawn and quartered by most of the media when his time comes, sadly!

  8. I seriously think that the English press is working overtime and manufacturing some stupid stories. Just picture this - A young striker charged with sexual hormones looses his pants. Then looses his confidence and form. His manager tries to shield him from media bashing and now he wants to leave??? It makes no bloody sense.
    Wayne will have to get his head checked. Fergie did not put a single foot wrong here.

    As for the team composition, yes we do need midfielders. Fergie himself admitted the need to dip in the transfer market for the replacement of the old guards. Which I think he will.

    Coming over to Pique and shawcross.
    Pique was never given an extended run in the side because two years ago Vidic and Rio made the Great Wall of China look like stacked dimsums. They were that good back then. Clearly, Pique couldn't see himself breaking through that and saw a chance to go back to barcelona as the catalans desperately needed a defender.
    Coming to Shawcross. The lad is good, but then is he better than Evans? or Brown? Hell no. He is just an average overhyped englishman who happened to score a few goals and break a few legs. No one was crying tears of blood when he was sold unlike Rossi or pique. That should be enough.

  9. Strapworld,

    Here's a question for you about age: Real Madrid replaced Vicente del Bosque a few years ago with a succession of managers - none of them have come close to achieving what the now 59-year-old did when he was there.

    Vicente del Bosque won the Euro's and The World Cup. I think the point is ability should be judged on experience and your record and not just age.

    But I agree with you that Fergie will be hammered once he quits, at least he will unless he stops messing around gets tough with the Glazers about backing him.

  10. Overthinker,

    Normally, I'd agree with your opening points - especially if this story just appeared in let us say the god forsaken Daily Star or the Daily Express - but the same story is being carried across a range of tabloids as well as the 'quality' press. I think there's too much smoke without fire and I can see Rooney going - but yes, it makes absolutely no sense. Here's a question: Is Rooney intelligent or not? IMO, the answer is no he isn't so I can see him cutting off his nose to spite his face.

    I don't agree with you about Pique - he's head and shoulders above of the players you've listed: the tragedy is that Fergie didn't realise it early enough.

  11. Even though he is a fantastic player I've never had much time for Rooney. The last few months have shown him for what he is & I cannot understand the stance he is taking. As each year passes my love of football diminishes a little more.

    United are truly heading in the wrong direction thanks to the Glazers. Maybe all fans will now start to see the problems we are facing.

    Fergie is getting to the end of his career but there is no other manager I'd want at the helm. He is being seriously restricted with what money he has available to spend by the financial mess we are in. The sooner ALL fans realise that the better. Sure Fergie has made mistakes but it really pi$$es me off to hear people criticising him after all he has achieved at the club.

    I've not watched Pique since he left but I never really rated him at United. He seemed a bit slow & not suited to the English game.

    Keep the faith!

  12. @James
    I compared Shawcross to Evans and Brown but not Pique. Pique is probably the most complete Centre half or maybe he will be in a few years. My point is that 2 years ago the Vidic-Rio partnership was just too good. So Pique wanted out.

    Coming back to the Rooney front. I think a few goals in and everything will be roses and butterflies again. Rooney might not be gifted in the brain department but its very clear that the lad loves this club. He has reiterated his desire to stay at the club for life. Surely a bad patch can't change all that.

    Besides that fergie has tamed a few lose cannons in his time here so I wouldn't bother too much about that. I just wish Rooney takes a closer look at beckham's career path after leaving United, maybe that will sort his head out.

  13. Overthinker,

    Apologies, I misread your comments about Pique. I agree with you about Rooney needing to think this strategy through (if strategy is the right word).

    I hope this storm blows over and every calms down, but I fear that isn't going to happen.

  14. Vaud,

    I know what you mean about your love for the game diminishing. I made my own stance in 2005 and since then I've not directly given the Glazer family a penny - I wish many more United fans would follow suit and then maybe this dreadful owners would soon be gone.

    As for Rooney, he's going to become the next Paul Gascoigne, at least that's my fear.

    I cannot agree with you about Pique.

  15. Mr Rydell,

    Accept what happenned when Real Madrid replaced Vicente del Bosque.

    But there are many instances where the younger man proved much better. Even Ferguson when first he came to United proves that point. After a succession of younger men took over after Sir Matt!

    I happen to believe that there is no such thing as the irreplaceable man. Something I do think Ferguson should bear in mind. Whilst I support him that no player is bigger than the club. Neither should a manager be bigger than the club.

    Overthinker, I agree with Mr Rydell's comments to you. I will, though, add the facts of the past. When players who have crossed Ferguson have found themselves transferred.

    I go back to my original comment. Ferguson is from an age when to go with a prostitute was seen as the lowest, especially if one was married. Let us not forget that he is also a committed catholic. So he values good morals and standards. Something I applaud but that, too, shows my age!

  16. Can I just say how refreshing it is to have a decent conversation with people, via this excellent blog.

    We all have differing views. But we all share a love for the club and a real hope that the Glaziers and their ilk will leave our game for good.

    Lastly I do fear that Mr Rydell is correct and Rooney will, like so many footballers, end up like 'Gazzer'. I just hope he does not lose his wife in the process but I fear for that as well.

    Thank you all for the conversation.

  17. I just don't see how Rooney can take a negative angle towards SAF. It's his own fault he is on the front page with his off the field antics and the back page with his lack of form. Fergie did nothing but tried to shield Rooney from heightened scrutiny. How is he repaid? Publicly stating the manager is not being truthful. I just don't see how this can be Fergie's fault. The other points, then yes. But Rooney would only have himself to blame.

  18. Strapworld,

    For legal reasons I cannot expand on this issue, but let's just say SAF is not quite the saint that you have described...

    But I agree with you that, yes, it can be a younger man's game: Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are two cases in point.

  19. Evgenni,

    I totally agree with your comments. Rooney is entirely to blame for the mess that he alone has created. Fergie has offered nothing but support - but the Lord works in mysterious ways which Rooney quite evidently does not understand.

  20. you guys are forgetting that pique is a catalan as well. he wanted to go back to barca just like fabregas does...i think it was a back room deal to blood him a little bit for barca. he would be gone by now to them anyhow if he hadn't left when he did.

    james: if you had your pick of the 4 players we would buy thinking (defensive sort of mid, attacking mid, a keeper, and another striker) who would you buy?

  21. also i think there's something to be said for pogba and possibly petrucci. they both dominate at their level...pogba has 3 goals in 3 games of late and petrucci when playing with his friend macheda absolutely tears it up

  22. I hate to say it but I could see him join City in January. I'd much rather we sell him to the virus (if he absolutely must go) but as you say the contract problem will see a budget fee - no different than when we flogged off Ruud, Jaap Stam and Beckham tbh. Barca arent exactly flush with cash at the moment and seem far more interested in Fabregas to risk blowing the kitty on Rooney. Madrid have shown with Heinze and RVN that they can get some real bargains when Fergie wants shot of someone fast.
    City tho - they will blow any bid that Real make out of the water. They would double the bid just to be able to rub it in our faces.

    Rooney in his current form is no big loss. IF the money or a very large percentage of it went on a replacement striker then we would be replacing a striker that is playing crap for a player in far better form. The problem is I could see Rooney thriving under the challenge at City - Tevez has become a far better striker at City all down to his detirmination to screw United over. Rooney would be no different and if he can hit the form anywhere near what he did last season then City will win the league or at least be favourites the following season.

    We are in deep crap right now. With Rooney gone I wouldnt at all be surprised to see the likes of Evra, Vidic and Nani perhaps looking towards a spanish move in the following 12 months.

  23. Matt,

    I alluded to Pique wanting out at the outset, him being Catalan and all.

    With regards to who I'd buy, here's my most wanted list:

    First on the list is Sneijder. I was actually told by Patrick Barclay that Fergie wanted the Dutchman back in 2008, but he joined Real Madrid...

    I'd also try to sign Kaka from Real because I think he could soon become available...

    Andrei Arshavin is another player that I admire.

    If he were available I'd make a bid to sign Schweinsteiger, but I seriously doubt there's any chance of him arriving at OT any time soon.

    But I'm not 100% sure that we need a defensive midfield player, after all, Barca don't have one and they've done quite well: They sold that big lump Tore to City.

    As for strikers. I really like Alexandre Pato of AC Milan.

    You can add the name of Gonzalo Higuain, but I doubt he will become available any time soon as Mourinho and Madrid look set to dominate in Spain IMO.

    A good bet might be Stevan Jovetić but Jose reportedly wants him at Madrid...

    Keeper: Igor Akinfeev, but to be honest I'm not that well up on the current crop of oustanding stars.

    I've not been really studying European football that much of late, because if I had I'd more than likely have named a few rising stars but like I say I've not been on the ball.

    Instead of them bulging with cash to spend, Fergie is walking around with holes in his pockets ...and that my friend is the bottom line.

  24. Dave,

    I think you've summed it up quite nicely:

    "On current form he's no great loss".

    ...but, here is the killer "providing Fergie signs a quality replacement"..

    Regarding Tevez, I wish I had a tenner from every United fan who told me that he "wasn't worth the money" that his agent was asking - this when I was arguing how very obviously wrong they were.

    Tevez has always been a great player, he's not improved, he is simply doing all the things he's always done: that is never stop running and giving 100%.

    I'd like to just add that I could say the same about Drogba. Though it wasn't on this blog, I was told the same thing about him on countless occasions: United fans on Red Issue used to refer to him as Didier Dogshit. My mind boggles sometimes and I wonder if I'm watching the same game as some of these so called fans'...though in this instance, I agree with you most of the time..

    To end on, we have sold/lost far better players than Rooney and gone on to better things...

    I'm not even sure Rooney has done enough to enter my all-time United hall-of-fame, he was a few rungs up the ladder, but it looks like he's going to slip right off it ...

  25. I didnt actually think to much of Tevez at United. I kinda feel that he lost a lot of interest when we signed Berbatov - cant really blame him tho - and the move to City lit a fire under him. He became so detirmined and focused which when combined with his endless running took him to another level as a player.
    I think the same would happen with Rooney. A fresh start elsewhere would invigorate him and at City I think he would bust his ass to make us forever regret the whole event much like Tevez has.

    Drogba is a fantastic striker. I often forget the guy is 32. If he was 5 or 6 years younger he would be considered the best striker in the world by far and Madrid would have spent insane money on him. He has the perfect build and style for the premiership and has excelled at Chelsea. On a personal note I think he is bit of a jerk but I can tell you that if he was wearing a United shirt week in week out then I would love him for it.

    Rooney can be replaced. He is playing badly and hasent been anything special since his injury. Based on his form alone it wouldnt be hard to replace him at all, hell Micheal Owen has scored more in the last few weeks than Rooney has for about 8 or 9 months but we wouldnt spend the money and I fear it could have a massive knock on effect with our other decent players and especially when we do try to sign bigger name players.
    Potentially Rooney is one of the best forwards in the world, we saw that last season. Its sad that the guy will probably hit that form again while wearing another teams shirt.

  26. I can't believe some people are calling for Rooney to be sold based on current form...CURRENT FORM! For god's sake what happened to that age old cliche of 'form is temporary, class is permanent'
    This guy was the toast of everyone 6 months back when he was banging for fun ( I mean goals!)
    So what happened now? Getting on the back of our players based on a few low performances isn't exactly Manchester United fan stuff. We aren't the prawn sandwich brigade, so I think some of us here can do better and offer some support to the one player who can lead us to great things.

    Fergie let some big names go, but with Ronney that won't be the case. Here is a little comparison:

    RUUD - Had a fallout with fergie due to the great form of saha. Add to that the spat he had with Ronaldo. So he had to go as Fergie saw Ronaldo as the future. And that lad turned out okay i guess.

    KEANE - As good a captain you are, you DO NOT trash your players in public. So at 34 it was the right thing to teach Roy a thing or two. Make no mistake, I love keane as a player but his judgement of things is a bit of suspect.

    Beckham: Was too busy with the spice girls and his hairdos. Lost focus and fergie was right to sell him.

    Stam: The only player who shouldn't have been sold as Fergie himself admitted. But i am not sure there was a fallout as it was more about cashing in on a 29yr old.

    COming to Rooney
    25 years of age. Has yet to peak. Loves the club. Gives his all. Has scored 20+ goals each season for the last 4 years. helps the team with his work rate and assists. Future leader. That should be enough.

  27. Overthinker,

    You are totally right. We do not want to sell Rooney: I think the reference to "meltdown" says it all.

    I agree you that Stam was the only one who shouldn't have been allowed to leave the club.

    With that said, and we can only go off the reports, Rooney says he isn't going to sign a new contract. Among many other things, the player is said to have become disillusioned about the state of the squad following the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez. If true, Rooney isn't own his own in this respect as many fans' would agree!

    Having following United for over 40 years, I have grown used to the reaction you've referred to. United fans on the whole try to think positively and while it's true we cannot keep on losing star players like Ronaldo, Tevez and now Rooney, the club has eventually moved on. We said the same things when, Becks, Mark Hughes and Cantona left the club; but of course on this occasion unlike in years gone by we are seriously lacking in quality and so yes Rooney must stay if it is at all possible and everyone including Fergie (one suspects) fully appreciates that.

    The problem is, Fergie is one stubborn son of a bitch and if he makes his mind up about something then it can lead to a parting of the ways as we saw with Ruud and Roy.

    The bottom line is this, if Rooney won't sign that new deal the club will have to sell him no matter what the fans or the manager says. The ball is in Rooney's court.

    I cannot defend anyone who doesn't want to stay at United, because by default they want out.

  28. Evgenni,

    I hope you are right, ref patching things up, but haven't we been here before with Fergie? Even though I support him 100% on this issue, I'm not sure that believe him with regards to his version of events. The thing is, once he's made his mind up that is usually the end of the story and I fear it is the end for Rooney.

    As regards Mr Strap, I think you've been reading my mind :0)


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