Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reports claim Glazers ready to spend on "team building": Talk is cheap...

According to David Bond, BBC online Sports Editor, representatives of the Glazers have been briefing journalists about their plans for United. Instead of starting to pay off their huge PIK (payment in kind) debts, it is claimed 'team building' is more important to the clubs owners...

United fans won't be surprised to hear that the Glazers aren't keen to pay-off their debts, but talk of 'team building' will rightly be met with much cynicism, because the Glazers have barely spent since taking over the club.

Many fans do not expect Ferguson to give honest answers about the clubs owners, his support for the family has been unflinching; when asked about this subject the United manager has always claimed the Glazers are model owners. However, it was only a couple of weeks ago that Fergie hinted he could be about to embark on a rebuilding project, but subsequently he has suggested there's 'no value' in the transfer market, he has also hinted he can no longer compete with big spending Man City and Chelsea.

So the position is this, the fans don't actually know if Fergie has any money to spend on transfers and according to reports the owners have no intention of starting to pay off their debts. It's a very cosy little relationship between manager and owners, but their game playing antics will most definitely NOT win the title back unless the manager is supported in the transfer market this summer. Talk is cheap and United cannot afford to stand still in terms of squad development for another season as happened in the season just gone.

A very poor article, one that is full of contradictions.

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