Sunday, May 30, 2010

Red Knights to put bid on hold....

According to the Sunday Times, sources close to the 'Red Knights' have indicated they will not be be making a bid to buy troubled Manchester United in the foreseeable future. The 'Red Knights' have not made an official statement, but if this report proves to be true it will be hugely disappointing for those fans who've supported the Green and Gold campaign.

Sunday Times - Red Knights put bid on ice.


  1. Well I hope Manchester United are sold and become stable financially very soon.
    We need some new players to freshen up the team and to light a spark that will set the rest of the players going.
    However I would like Michael Owen to stay. He would have been a much better choice for Fabio Capello instead of Heskey if he had been fit.
    This is what I wrote about it

  2. I dont think they should try to buy the club now. Let the situation worst and fans realise the bad situation the club is in then they step in and buy. But it's kind of disappointing they wont bid but i dont think the Glazer will sell this season.

  3. KK,

    I don't know what game the Red Knights are playing. The reasons given for putting the bid on hold are disappointing. It's fairly obvious the Glazers are extremely worried hence their recent PR offensive.


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