Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hargreaves shouldn't be going to the World Cup...

Fabio Capello, has according to reports, informed Owen Hargreaves that he's among England's provisional 30 man squad for this summer's World Cup. Hargreaves has played for one minute this season for United's first team and so if this rumour is actually true, then you have to ask what this says about the quality of the players at Capello's disposal? Not a lot I'd venture.

I don't know how much United pay Owen Hargreaves, but it won't be insignificant. Money issues aside, if Owen has any sense and serious ambitions about playing for United next season, he will decline Capello's kind invitation.

The former Bayern Munich star has suffered with terrible knee problems over the last couple of seasons, it must have been heartbreaking for the United midfielder. However, going through the rigours of an arduous World Cup campaign and then having little time to prepare for next season is a bad idea; instead, Owen should be working throughout the summer on his fitness under the guidance of United's backroom team in preparation for next season.

Hargreaves needs match fitness, of that there's no doubt, but surely he'd better off playing for United on tour rather than the white hot heat of battle? Going to South Africa represents a big gamble for Hargreaves and you do wonder what Fergie thinks of the idea...

There should also be serious question marks about Rio Ferdinand going to the World Cup; his season has been blighted by constant injury problems. Michael Dawson is a better bet, but it seems Capello is set to make a major about-turn when selecting half fit players.

With the very real danger of being called the "voice of doom" (again), I also have major concerns about Rooney's fitness - he looks clapped out and in need of a serious break; the World Cup is the last thing Rooney needs right now and United could pay a high price next season. Needless to say, I'm predicting Rooney will have a poor World Cup as will England.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the World Cup, but I'm not expecting England to get anywhere near the final. First plane home after the first knockout round is my prediction.

I have nothing against Capello, but I don't like him, why I don't know, but I don't and in time honoured fashion the hacks have finally taken the gloves off following the launch of a website that will analyse England player performance at the World Cup.

You really could not make it up


  1. Agree. I know its hard for Hargo to give up the chance but he really should have play for us consider he took his salary for the past 2 years without playing. If he is injured again, i hope we sell him or release him.

  2. Owen isn't in the squad, not yet at least anyway...

  3. It looks like he didn't make it. This is good news as I get to watch him in person when United come to Philadelphia.

  4. Like you James I thought it was nuts thats Hargo was even being considered for the squad. Lets hope a proper preseason will give him the boost he needs for next season, we need him back to his best now more than ever.
    Amazing to think that 12 months ago after the Champions league exit that we all talked about how our shoddy centre midfield will be stronger next year with him back... can you really see him playing in 25-30 games next season?

    Also I agree completely about Rooney. Since the injury he has looked completely out of gas. I felt with the form he was in pre-bayern that he could drag England kicking and screaming to the world cup but since that injury his form has been awful and the guy just needs a break. We pushed him to breaking point this season in our pursuit of the title and champions league.

  5. Dave,

    IMO Hargreaves is all but finished.

  6. You know that I had some faith that Hargreaves would make a return to fitness, but I think that Capello's comment surrounding him give the biggest indication that it must be over. Capello said that he considered Hargreaves and spoke with him twice. What I do know is that Capello said that he spoke to Hargreaves and that he is not fit, not ready to play. See here: http://www.skysports.com/football/world-cup-2010/story/0,27032,12016_6147812,00.html.

    I can't make this out exactly, hopefully his addition of the phrase "not ready to play" means he lacks match fitnes. However, considering the past, I doubt it.

    It makes me wonder, why did he even get 30 seconds? Maybe, and this may be crazy and conspiratorial, to at least give the appearance he has progressed so his injury does not hold us to ransom when we seek a replacement in the summer. I don't know. I think that you are correct though, he is finished. Pretty sad really.


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