Wednesday, June 10, 2009

United set to betray Fergie over Ronaldo?

Manchester United fans will be no doubt be sick and tired of the rumours linking Ronaldo to Real Madrid. The Spanish club have just signed Kaka and now we are told they want to sign the world's best player on tick, the reported fee will be £75m and it will be spread over three years - which again if true, will dilute the champions spending power.

If Ronaldo is sold before United sign a replacement transfer fees for any potential targets will rocket because the selling clubs will know the Reds are cash rich. If United are even considering selling Ronaldo they should have already secured an agreement for his eventual replacement, it is to be hoped that has already happened if the worst case scenario comes to fruition.

Worryingly for United supporters, conflicting reports from Spain claim that Real have sent their club doctor to assess the player, and depending who you believe they may well have opened negotiations with United over the future of their star player.

Florentino Perez has gone on a charm offensive in bid to oil the wheels of negotiation, this follows on from his witless predecessor who was about as subtle as a flying axe last summer when he attempted to bulldoze a deal with United via the media but without actually bothering to contact the club as far as we know.

Interestingly, Perez has stated that his club will not pursue their reported interest in Franck Ribery after Bayern Munich issued a hands-off warning, however, Madrid are a club who do not take no for an answer and so we have to take the newly appointed President's words with a rather large pinch of salt. The question is, if United refuse point-blank to sell Ronaldo this summer, will that be the end of the matter - can pigs fly?

At the same time as Perez was sending out conciliatory messages, Real's general director Jorge Valdano has been telling a different story when claiming the two clubs are already in negotiations...

The concern from a United perspective is that the club has not denied the latest reports; it doesn't mean that it will happen, but we cannot rule it out. It remains to be seen what Ferguson's reaction will be, it is difficult to see how the manager could agree to the sale of his star player given that last summer he said he wouldn't see Real Madrid a virus.

If Ronaldo is to be sold against Ferguson's will it is difficult to see him staying on as manager, it could turn out to be that serious for United. Even if Fergie can be persuaded that selling Ronaldo is in the club's best interest, it is difficult to see how the manager will replace the Reds' top scorer in the short-term.

Ferguson and United are in serious danger of being labelled as hypocrites if they sell the player this summer and they will know full well that replacing a player like Ronaldo will seriously damage the champions ability to compete for the big prizes next season.

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  1. United will not get Bezema or Ribery that leaves the unproven Valencia and if he was any good Madrid would have signed him. United will finish outside of the top four next season if they sell Ronaldo and allow Tevez to leave.

  2. Finish outside the top 4? That is awfully negative James! I think it's extremely likely that Ronaldo is heading to Madrid, but I don't think it will be against the wishes of SAF. I'm sure he realizes that it's a lot of money to turn down - money that could help tie the Tevez deal and bring Ribery, Valencia and Benzema. Ronaldo is irreplaceable, no doubt about that. But we still have a good enough squad to challenge for the title, assuming we make a few additions. Selling Ronaldo before having secured our targets will no doubt drive the prices up and I absolutely hate it when we overpay for certain players. e.g. Berbatov and Nani. Even 16million sounds too much for Valencia. And apparently 65million is the price for Ribery, again way too high for someone who hasn't completely proven himself.

  3. Nik, I will stand by that pediction if the two players are allowed to leave.

    I agree about United paying silly money btw.

    Here is an example of how United have messed up in the transfer market.

    I think it was in 2000 when we "sold" Stam to Lazio for around £14m, the Italian club never paid United a penny for around two years, this was the same time we'd paid them £29m cash for Veron...

    Blanc replaced Stam and United really struggled, it eventually cost the club £30m to rectify that error of judgement (not to mention paying Leeds who were on the verge of administration a world record fee for a defender).

    United will NOT replace Ronaldo with anyone who will score the goals that he has scored over the last couple of seasons. Benezma wants to go to Italy or Spain.

    Ribery has a silly price tag on his head, much higher than his worth unlike Ronaldo. United will we are told receive this £75m for Ronaldo and it be spread over three years, which will not help the club buy replacements. Even if Benezema and Ribery were available it is highly unlikely that United would be able to sign both of them due to constraints on cash.

    The Tevez situation only serves to make the whole picture more gloomy. The village idiot could have seen this coming, so why didn't United sign the player last summer? Now they are in danger of losing both of them and they will not find an adequate replacement.

    I predict here and now that United will end up with the cart-horse that is part of the Ronaldo deal.

    United are heading for trouble if Ronaldo is sold.

    I will say that unlike United, Madrid have been very proactive and the champions will I predict pay a high price for failing to put agreements in place before entering into any negotiations with Madrid.

    Selling Ronaldo to Madrid will turn out to be a very bad deal for United even at £75m, because let us be honest he has carried the team for two years. Fergie is out of his mind if he allows it to happen, but he also let the Tevez situation drift on too long.

  4. I see Heat Magazine are reporting on the real story through all this fiasco. Nice shorts.

  5. If Utd haven't got anyone in place then yes they will be paying over the odds for any players they go for. But this is how it has always seemed to be conducted by Utd. All I can say is thanks Ronny for 6 years of service and 3 great ones in that.
    It will an interesting season next year for Utd, they will find Chelsea and Liverpool very tough to keep from top spot unless some clever transfers are being arranged. I still see them as big players for the title regardless of Ronny and Tevez going. Let's see who comes in and whether Rooney and Berba can play better together. Berba needs to play up top and stay there, coming so deep nullifies his effectiveness.


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