Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ronaldo sold against Fergie's wishes? The fans need to be told...

So despite Fergie saying he wouldn't sell Real Madrid a virus last summer, the club has agreed a fee of £80m for its star player with the Spaniards. Twelve months on it seems that money talks and United have gone and committed transfer hari-kari because the deal has been announced before the champions have signed a replacement - or at least as far as we the know at stage.

Talk of replacements will be resolved one way or the other over the coming summer weeks, what we do know is United could well lose Carlos Tevez later today which if happens will compound the self-made problems faced by Ferguson.

Perhaps selling Ronaldo was inevitable given his long standing wish to join the Spanish club, but Fergie had always maintained the player would remain at Old Trafford for the next few seasons. Manchester United have never sold their star player before he reached his prime - make no mistake whatever the out of touch mainstream media say about the club being unable to refuse Madrid's advances this is a sorry day for United.

Supporters will have mixed feelings about selling Ronaldo, the most delighted will be fans of rival clubs who will know that United will be much less of a potent threat next season.

Some short-sighted United fans will say good riddance to Ronaldo, they do so while conveniently forgetting all the great things he has done in the red shirt and it begs the question what they will be saying at the end of next season, because in one foul swoop United have handed Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal the initiative before a ball has been kicked; truth be told Ronaldo has carried United over the last few seasons.

It remains to be seen what Fergie will say about the sale of Ronaldo. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if the manager resigned over this issue, then again very little should surprise us where big money deals are concerned.... As for Ronaldo the sensible United fans will wish him well because he has wanted this move for quite some time.


  1. i dunno where you'll classify me, but i'mglad he's going, it's fullfilling his personal ambitions, it's getting united a lot of money, ( good for bying players, paying of debts..etc etc) and it may well see UNited go back to playing the "united" way, and sreading the bal all round the park, and not relying on ONE player to do all the work. AS u rightly mentioned, he's carried the team for far too long, and nowis the time for Sir Alex to realise that Rooney needs better service into the box, for him to really develop, instead of a winger who looks to cut inside and take on defenders before shooting himself! Replacing him is going to be very hard, because he's essentially played 2 positions and been like an extra player on the pitch, although his defensive abilities have never been shown( maybe Real will use him as a Centre-back and the world will admire him for it, as Pellegrini doesn't have that many other options!)
    UNited's future lays in the "feet" of Rooney, and we need to structureour play around him being the goal scorer!

  2. Every fan truly appreciates what Ronaldo has done for this club in the last 6yrs, especially the last 3yrs - as you said he has carried the team. But I'm still glad he's going because the fans don't deserve the constant speculation - if he wants to go, let him. It's good money which needs to be reinvested well. No player is bigger than the club and that has always been the United policy, I don't think we should change it now. He's the best in the world, irreplaceable and we'll definitely feel his loss, but I still think I'm ok with him going. If not now, then next season - it would go on and on and on.
    Agree with Vishnu that we need to plan around Rooney now - his form for England has been amazing and the time has come for him to take the mantle from Ronaldo.
    And moreover, let's trust SAF. Sure he's made a few mistakes on the way, but he's still one of the most successful managers ever and I'm sure he'll lead us the right path. I don't think he'll be quitting United over this issue.

  3. Nik and Vishnu,

    You are both entitled to your opinions, but some United fans are coming out with utter nonsense about what lies ahead.

    1) Ronaldo is irreplaceable in the short term, so there's no point in going over that one again.

    2) Fergie knows this (1) and it is why he may well still quit the club. He normally goes away for a few weeks and he's gone on record previously stating that once he comes back providing he feels fresh and ready for the challenge he carries on. The point is, he won't decide this week, but he still could quit once he's thought about the challenges ahead and his now near impossible task. Do not forget we will probably lose Tevez too. Fergie can go out as a winner if he leaves now, but his rule over English football is coming to an end, anyone who thinks otherwise is I suspect very wrong.

    3) Rooney. While I rate him, like the rest of the team he has been carried by Ronaldo and as much as I admire him, he's not in the same class as Ronaldo, nor will he score many more goals than he has done in previous seasons. You can also expect Fergie to carry on playing him on the wing, as ludicrous as that is (assuming fergie stays).

    4) Berbatov. All this talk about him picking up the gauntlet is utter tosh, a Leopard cannot change its spots. He will not become Didier Drogba overnight. He will not provide the answer.

    5) Finally, United have screwed up royally, they will not buy Benzema or Ribery. We will be left with Valencia and quite probably Huntelaar IMO.

  4. I'm ok with Ronaldo going, but I'm not ok about losing Tevez too and possibly Fergie while at the same time the club haven't secured what could be deemed as a world class replacement.

    United are heading for trouble. The whole thing has been a total shambles. United needed to do their business first, but I suspect Fergie might have gone off on one.

    David Meek (mate of fergie) was on Sky earlier and someone has put it to him that Fergie might resign. Meek being the bloke is he is (MEN reporter for 50 years and never once rocked the boat), meek by nature rubbished the story, but do not rule it out.

  5. I've got mixed feelings on this. Glad to see him go because I'm sick of the speculation every summer. He obviously wants to play for RM so would have gone at some point anyway. I think he has 3 years left on his contract so United couldn't afford to let him run that down. Also sick of his diving, petulance & thinking he is bigger than the club. £80m is a huge amount & I wasn't expecting United to get that much for him. Hopefully Fergie will get the cash to spend wisely.

    From a playing point of view he is obviously a momunmental loss & impossible to replace. However Cantona & Keane were impossible to replace & we have done fine since.

    I can't see Fergie resigning over this unless the Glazers don't give him the money to invest. As much as I dislike them they are not stupid so can't see them not giving Fergie the cash. Fergie is probably sick to death of Ronaldo as well & I bet a lot of the players can't be doing with him either. The criticsm of the CL final tactics may well have been the final straw.

    I don't agree with you about signing replacements before he'd gone. We always pay over the odds & as soon as we are in the market for a winger then it's obvious Ronaldo's leaving.

    As he is irreplaceable then we need to change tactics like when RVN & Keane left. We are going to have to rely on more than 1 player for goals. A pacy goalscorer like Torres is very much needed. I haven't seen enough of Benzema to know whether he fits the bill. I would like Tevez to stay but we need more than what he offers especially now Ronaldo has gone.

    Time for Nani to step up to the plate!!!

  6. Keane and Eric were heading over the hill when they left, Ronaldo is only going to get better. This is the first time in United's history that they've been forced to sell their best player before he reached his prime.

    Nani should be sold prompto.

  7. Keane was over the hill when he left but Cantona certainly was not. In any case the point is that they were still massive players to replace & United have been successful since.

    Ronaldo proably will get better but that's not the point. I for one don't think he is worth £80m & can't believe United have sold him for that much. I personally think it's a good deal for United provided the money is spent wisely.

    I accept that he is irreplaceable but every player has their price especially ones who don't want to be there.

  8. While it might be the first time we're selling a player before he's reached his prime, I truly hope this Galactico policy backfires for Real Madrid. I hope their next season is as messed up as this one.
    The reason I think Fergie won't leave is cause I can't imagine him leaving the club when clearly re-building of the squad is required. I just feel he's more likely to leave when he's got a more settled squad to handover to the next manager. But you could be right about him leaving, I just hope not. And we did think his time as a manager was up few seasons ago, but he led us to glory again. So it wouldn't be too outrageous to continue having faith in him.
    I also truly hope (as I'm sure you do too) that Huntelaar isn't the BIG replacement for Tevez. I hope they can bring Benzema/Ribery, I'm sure it would be difficult though.
    No arguments about Berbatov. Definitely not the answer to anything.
    Going a little away from the subject here, I wonder if Platini will now start attacking Spanish Football. He kept going on about how EPL was over-spending as well as stacking up huge debts. Well how about Madrid - they've spent 136million pounds on 2 players, and they're not done. And they're also a club said to be in debt.

  9. Vaud,

    I think I've been saying all along this will be a problem in the short term. I used the example of selling Stam - Fergie's other really big mistake - it took us three years and £30m to sort that mess out with the signing of Rio.

    Regarding Eric, he thought he was heading over the hill so he got out, though I accept he went earlier than he needed to.

    I think the overriding concern is the impact of losing Tevez and Ronaldo which is why I think Fergie might well throw the towel in.

    Interestingly, people like Crerand are now coming out saying it was totally the manager's decision - have the Glazers' told all paid employees to follow this line? Paddy works for MUTV does he not?
    I remain unconvinced at this juncture that Fergie decided to sell, it must have been forced upon him in one way or another.

  10. Nik,

    I agree with all of that. While I despise everything about Real Madrid, you cannot help but admire their attitude and record when it comes to making big signings, they have kicked sand in the face of United and taken our best player, but with all that said he wanted to join them. Good luck to him.

    Like you I will be surprised if Platini so much as raises an eyebrow at the events at Madrid. One rule for English clubs another for the rest Europe he is a tosser of the highest order.

  11. Definitely one can't even compete with Real Madrid in the transfer market. Never take NO for an answer. They always get their man. I think for most non-English players, the team has a certain aura around it - it is a dream come true for most to have played for RM. Credit to them for having maintained that over the years.
    And they might have spent more money than anyone can imagine, but they know all about marketing players too. Kaka, Ronaldo and Villa are going to sell more than enough jerseys and a pre-season tour to USA/Far East will ensure they recover the amount in record time. I'm sure Nike will be mighty upset about seeing their man wearing an Adidas jersey. It's amazing that matters off the field are just as interesting as those on the field.

  12. Yes and what's more if United are going to pursue this trend of signing young Brazilian stars with European passports we better start getting used to the idea of being just another feeder club. You do wonder what Nike will make of it all.

    That's it for me tonight.


  13. Ronaldo is definitely going to be hard to replace and i will truely miss his energy and dazzeling presence (as should all loyal ManUtd fans). the positve of his departure is the transfer fee, with that sort of cash, SAF should be able to get at least two very decent replacements, but who will they be??

    i personally would agree upon the ₤25.5million demand for Tevez. he is a fans favourite, can produce amazing performances, score match winning goals and be more adaptable now ronaldo has left. however it seems too late and he also will depart.

    Ribery would be a very useful recruit but his asking price seems excessive and would the small winger suit the physicality of the EPL? as for Benzema, i dont know if he is worth the money Lyon are asking for, he has had a few good seasons but i personally dont see him as the answer. bringing him in may disrupt the team more and cause a problem in team selections (again), benzema, rooney and berbatov.. who starts? and what positions?

    Valencia is a classy player but does not suit United. is he better than Nani? possibly but not that much and he isnt a match winner.

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar also poses the same delema that Benzema would. he did alright in madrid after his summer move but is not the class of player they required. so why should united sign him? madrid poach our stars we dont take there unwanted ones!!

    hopefully SAF can make the correct decision, beacause i am struggling to determine what that is!


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