Tuesday, April 07, 2009

United must be wary of the Hulk and Konrad the unbearable..

There's no let up in the hectic schedule for United in the pursuit of yet more glory, because just 48 hours after that 3-2 dramatic fight back against Aston Villa the champions of Europe face Porto and there's a score to settle following on from 2004.

United have already paid back Jose Mourinho, Porto's former manager, when knocking out his current club Inter Milan in the Champions League round of 16; many a critic had predicted the Italian champions would be too good for their English counterparts but on this occasion Fergie had the last laugh.

Tonight United will try to make the return leg a formality by putting some daylight between themselves and the visitors. The team will be bolstered by the most welcome return of Vidic, Rooney and Scholes who have all been serving domestic suspensions. Rio Ferdinand is an injury doubt after aggravating a groin strain while on international duty.

Ahead of the game, Fergie went on record saying that United are wary of Porto because they will be full of confidence and they have strong attacking players, namely Hulk.

It is to be hoped that Fergie has forewarned the players about another character with comic book potential, no less than referee Konrad Plautz. Apparently this particular official is known to be a strict disciplinarian, what's more he has his own website... which concerns this particular red, it begs the question is this another limelight lover, and if so, does he wrongly believe that he is the star of the show? United fans will be hoping the man-in-the middle doesn't become Konrad the Unbearable...

On the subject of self-promoting referee's I had to laugh at Graham Poll, who writes a column in the tragic Daily Mail at the weekend; the former referee wrote that he "regretted" not doing more in a bid to control Wayne Rooney. Poll cites a couple examples when Rooney over-stepped the mark, in one game the then Everton star told him to f*ck-off 27 times. Many fans will concur that Poll probably deserved it for making so many mistakes. Is there anything worse in football than a retired self-styled caped custodian of the game like Graham Poll?

I digress; Rooney is one yellow card away from suspension, as is Porto's version of the Hulk along with team-mates Cristian Rodriguez and Ionut Sapunaru.

Let us hope we do not see a repeat of the diving / cheating histrionics from the Porto players as was the case back in 2004 - you never know our Austrian referee might even does us a favour on that score. Let us hope we aren't left relying on officials and good fortune, but do not bet against it...


  1. eugh. that game was disgusting for diving. as was benfica two seasons ago.

    i remember scholes getting a yellow for a tackle on petit, which left him writhing on the ground before jumping up, uninjured to shout at the referee. the camera then focussed on scholes' face, just before his mouth visibly formed the words: "fuckin' poof". classic!

  2. Yeah sure! what about yours Ronaldo or Fletcher? and today you should be happy 'cause Konrad became a Man Utd fan! Classic is your british arrogance!
    Greetings from Portugal!


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