Friday, April 24, 2009

Liverpool want to sign Carlos Tevez - true or a pack of lies?

In the very same week that Liverpool's title hopes suffered a major setback following Tuesday's draw with Arsenal, it is interesting to read that according to The Times, the Merseyside Reds want to sign Carlos Tevez.

Given that The Times football Editor Tony Evans is a big Liverpool fan, then you wonder how much truth there actually is behind this story. The timing of this speculation is suspicious to say the least. Are Liverpool's many friends in the media so desperate that they will go to any lengths in a bid to derail United's title hopes?

There's no doubting that Evans will be well connected at Liverpool and there's no doubt that Tevez is a brilliant striker - all the more annoying that United paid silly money for the show pony that is Nani and the disappointment that is Berbatov, yet they are dithering over the future of a player who is not only loved by the fans, but is also the genuine article.

The bottom line is newspapers like The Times can publish speculation knowing that there will be no comeback even if it is a tissue of lies and or half-truths, so there's nothing new there.

Whether or not this is a case of mischief-making in a bid to rankle Ferguson, who in turn could keep on leaving out Tevez, it is hard know, but that view is being touted by the fans.

Perhaps United's friends in the media should return the compliment by suggesting the champions want to sign Daniel Agger...

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