Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kaka to United talk - is this a smokescreen to sell Ronaldo?

AC Milan's Brazilian talisman wears a t-shirt which sports the message "I belong to Jesus", it has been only revealed on very special occasions when the brilliant samba star does something remarkable on the pitch, which as it happens is quite often. The Brazilian’s affinity with Jesus is well documented, but today's really big news is that Kaka and or his agents have reportedly held talks with United about a prospective summer transfer to Old Trafford. Could Kaka soon belong to Jesus AND United?

Last summer moneybags Manchester City somehow managed to worm their way to the Milan negotiating table in a bid to prize Kaka away from Italy, but they never even got as far as talking to the player. The negotiations ended in acrimony and an embarrassing farce when City's CEO Gary Cook made a complete co*k of himself when claiming Milan had bottled it.

If City had pulled that transfer off who knows what would have happened, the prospect of pairing Robinho and Kaka, along with Elano would have been exciting to say the least. When the deal broke down Kaka was keen to publicly state his future was with Milan and that he'd only ever move if the club wanted to sell him.

After a disappointing season in which Milan missed out on Champions League football, you do wonder if Kaka is now ready to try a different experience and if so would England be a likely destination?

The Sun is today claiming Kaka has spoken of his affinity for the champions, saying: “They have some great players in Giggs and Scholes and especially Wayne Rooney. “One of my best friends, Anderson, is also there — how can anyone say no? “They are the English and European champions and a great club to play for.”

United fans will no doubt be rightly very sceptical about this story, Kaka, 27, is in his prime, when he has the pick of any club in the world, including Real Madrid, why would he want to come to rainy Manchester? Kaka, might even prefer the bright lights of London to Manchester...

You have to wonder if the story has been leaked to the Sun by agents working on behalf of Manchester United in the build-up to selling Ronaldo to Real Madrid in the summer, because if there was any truth in the Sun story, the player would not be publicly making statements of this nature for fear of upsetting the Milan supporters.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if United are indirectly guilty of leaking this story to the media, because like many other fans I am becoming increasingly certain that Ronaldo will be sold this summer. The club fearing a supporter backlash might well have conceived a cunning Blackadder like plan to appease unhappy supporters by appearing to be in for Kaka - only for the plot to unravel in true Baldrick fashion.

I actually predict this particular plot will unravel a lot sooner than the summer as I'm fully expecting Kaka to deny the claims. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the Kaka quotes have been embellished - and that is putting it politely.

While suggesting the source of this story is probably a lot closer to Manchester than Milan, we cannot rule out that in the worst practices of gutter journalism the whole story has been fabricated with a view to selling newspapers on an otherwise quiet Saturday morning.

If and it's a big if, the story turns out to be true and Kaka does sign then I'll be obviously more than happy.

Full story - Ronaldo out Kaka in?

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