Thursday, April 02, 2009

Is it time to axe Ronaldo the passenger?

So then we the fans can now turn our attention to on the field matters, because the pantomime that is international football is over, so awake from your snooze-fest and prepare for the real action this weekend.

Everyone is wondering if United will bounce back and get back to winning ways against Aston Villa after two humbling league defeats in a row. During the mini hiatus, I have personally been taking soundings from several respected time-served Reds and their prognosis for the remainder of the current season is awful, but I'm not going to put a downer on our chances of coming good again - so for now at least, I am going to put my faith the wizard's ability to invoke the expected response from United - I refer to Fergie.

After the Liverpool defeat Fergie said that United would bounce back - because we always do - well now is the time for the players to stand up and be counted. Ronaldo needs to be told that the team cannot carry passengers, which is what the World Player of the Year has been in the last two games; Fergie has to tell Ronaldo to start working or else bench him.

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  1. Hi James,

    Been reading your blogs for a while. All excellent mate and i am from the south of manchester as well!

    I agree Ronaldo hasn't played well in the last two games, lets hope he does better against Villa. However, two things. One is, about Ronaldo's future. Whether he leaves this summer or next or 2011, 2012 etc (I reckon 2010 but thats another topic), I will always be greatful towards him for what he did for us. Over 100 goals, 50 assists, years of service, fourth ballon d'or winner etc. I will wish him luck when he does go and remember him fondly.

    But quite frankly, he must really hate England. Not United, England. The way he has been treated by the English press from day one has been nothing short of disgusting. Even more disgusting is the people justifying the behaviour by the press. Not to mention the fans of other teams, not booing him every game but the chants such as 'you should have died in the tunnel'. OK, it isn't going to be easy for him in Spain especially with such a big price tag, but they sure as hell won't treat him like something at the bottom of their shoes. The diving, yes he dives but why is their not similiar outrage when rooney or gerrard do it? Disgusting, it really is. I read one column from one journalist who shall remain nameless, when Fergie was talking about Ronaldo getting kicked and decisions not going his way and he said 'lets be honest its fun not giving the winker any decisions'. The boy can't blink without being criticised by the media and its frustrating.

    Another thing I would like to talk about is Dimitar Berbatov. So far, looked like a complete waste of money. But I still reckon he is better than Tevez and wouldn't be too sad if Tevez left in the summer

  2. Jake,

    Thanks for the kind words. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I have supported Ronaldo on many occasions. However, this season he hasn't been playing close to his best and in the last two games his attitude regarding helping the team has been very poor.

    Fergie has stood by the player this season, but there comes a time when enough is enough and unless the manager can get through to Ronaldo that he needs to give 100% in every game then I think his preferential treatment where selection issues are concerned should come to an end. However, that situation could well play into the hands of that god awful club Real Madrid - because if United want £100m it is quite difficult to drop Ronaldo...

    I totally agree with all of your points about the treatment of Ronaldo - referees appear to allow opposing players to kick lumps out of him and the media choose to ignore this fact. AS for diving, I'd go as far as saying Gerrard is arguably the biggest cheat in the League but then again "stevie" can do what he likes because his balls glow in the dark (no doubt).

    As for Berbatov, he's done ok, but when Fergie is relying too much on Ronaldo and he's only giving 8o% pluse the combination of having a stroller up front and a lazy winger who isn't committed enough is showing because we've become lightweight up front.

    The situation is compounded because the midfield has been well below average of late and we are missing a player like Hargreaves.

    For my money Fergie, if Ronaldo doesn't shape up, we should be starting with Tevez and Rooney up along with Carrick, Fletcher, Park and Giggs.

    At least we would have a team who will graft and there hasn't been enough of that of late.

  3. With regards to Tevez starting,

    I just don't feel confident. Grafting is good and needed but Tevez has been extremely uncomposed in front of goal this season and thats not good enough for a striker. I read another article saying Tevez is unhappy at being on the bench. That is not going to change because Fergie clearly prefers Berbatov. He got Berbatov, clearly not trusting Tevez for goals that much.

    Giggs has done well but he can't start every game. Fletcher and Carrick are excellent but Park just creates nothing. A grafter yes, but wingers need to create.

    what do you think of Rio Ferdinand this season? some supporters not happy with him

  4. Tevez is quite rightly unhappy, because he's done nothing wrong in my opinion yet as soon as Berbatov arrived he was benched and has become the third man. Not only that and worse still, United have broken several promises to make his transfer permanent.

    Think about it. United could potentially lose Tevez and Ronaldo in the summer. To me that scenario is unthinkable, but it looks like Ronaldo will have to go because he no longer has the desire.

    Tevez must stay, apart from anything else he does give 100% every game and he genuinely does want to stay.

    I know Tevez isn't in the same class as Ronaldo, but who would United buy to replace him?

    I agree with you about Park, he lacks genuine star quality, but I think at present he's worth a shirt for his work-rate. United's midfield has all of a sudden looked very suspect and I'd suggest that Fergie needs some grafters in there to steady the ship and a measure of control.

    As for Rio, he has been superb apart from the last two games. I have no beef against Ferdinand at all. Some fans do not like Rio, but I'm not one of them.

  5. I agree

    I personally like both Tevez and Ronaldo and would hate to see either leave but if they do, they do. If they were to go,I would wish them both luck, What I like about both of them, in particular Ronaldo, is unlike certain ex players they have never pretended they wanted to end their careers at United.

  6. I agree that honesty is a rare quality in footballers and so I see nothing wrong with Ronaldo stating his desire to play for Madrid. To me it was entirely predictable that one day he would want to join them or Barcelona, if I was in his shoes I'd probably do the same after all he isn't from Gorton or Salford is he?

    I was never that hung up about Ronaldo's desire to play for Madrid, but Fergie should not be be allowing his star player to give anything less than 100%. But as I've already stated it is a complicated situation for the club, United cannot afford a player - manager bust-up, which could easily happen.

    I'm actually slightly concerned about the lack of local or British lads coming through the ranks and Fergie appears to be taking the Wenger route when going for the best of the best no matter where they come from, but when you look at the Da Silva brothers it is hard to argue against that policy.

    As long as the club keeps on being successful and the team continues to play in the best attacking traditions of United then we the fans can ask no more of them.


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