Thursday, January 29, 2009

United to make move in January transfer window, or just another desperate rumour?

OK, so you are an ageing Italian defender, you have just fallen out with your club coach; what does your agent do next? The answer is simple, said agent sets the transfer rumour mill wheels in motion by starting reported claims of interest from Europe's top clubs.

That is a time-honoured scenario, which has been played out across Europe for decades, so no one, other than the totally blinkered, should be surprised to learn that Christian Punucci's agent has gone on record stating "he's not yet been contacted by Manchester United". What a surprise.

Aside from the fact that any agent worth their salt would never publicly admit to contact being made, it's doubtful in the extreme Panucci has ever been, or is ever likely to be on Fergie's transfer radar.

It is true that United have suffered with injuries to defenders over the last few weeks, but it is also true that the Reds haven't conceded a Premier League goal in eleven games, which suggests that despite Fergie's injury concerns the team has coped rather well. This is why I’m filing the Panucci to United story in the bin.

Anyone with only half a grain of sense where all things United are concerned will tell you that if Fergie was going to make a signing in January, then another striker would be on the agenda.

United have just three main strikers to choose from, and only Berbatov is recognised as an out-and-out striker, but even he drops off the frontline on occasion. Tevez and Rooney are both second-strikers - the best in the business in my humble opinion. As for Danny Welbeck, despite showing some promise, he is still a kid and needs time to develop.

My big fear is player burn-out. United are still fighting to win four trophies, the Carling Cup recently cost the champions dearly with the loss of several stars to injury, I just hope that the players and especially the forwards can continue to cope.

Panucci set for exit door


  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I'm surprised though that Podolski somehow slipped under the radar of Premier League teams, and especially MUFC?

  2. Podolski is a decent player, but of course Fergie is fighting to agree a deal for Tevez....

  3. Podolski won player of the tournament at the u-21 world cup or something of the sort. He has enormous potential, I too am surprised he wasn't picked up by a Premier League time.

    I think he might have been contacted by United, Chelsea et. al. but given that they would not have guaranteed him first-team football, he wouldn't have wanted to join, becasue playing first-team football was the reason he left Munich in the first place.

    Munich would have loved to sell him to the Premier League given they could have commanded so much money, as they did for Hargreaves. Anyhow, keep performing United squad, its just a matter of months.

  4. l think its all about getting Tevez's name on the dotted line before we think about getting another striker. Whenever he has played this season he has shown great desire and obviously wants to stay. Heres hoping Fergie, Gill and Joorabchian can hammer out a deal.


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