Friday, January 09, 2009

Rafa Benitez beginning to crack under pressure...

So then it looks like Rafa Benitez has become the latest victim to be taken for a ride in Fergie's wind-up machine. In time honoured fashion, the United manager has baited a title rival, this time it's the turn of the 'Merseyside Reds' when stating that they would likely crack under the pressure of being top of the table.

The Liverpool manager was asked about Ferguson's comments at the Friday press briefing prior this weekend's Premier League fixture with Stoke City. Benitez, clearly rattled by Fergie's comments hit back when stating wrongly that Ferguson is the only manager who can get away with making comments about referees'. However, the Spaniard completely contradicted himself when quoting that Fergie has been disciplined this season when he was given a two-game touchline ban. This makes complete nonsense of Rafa’s claim.

Benitez went further when suggesting that referee Steve Bennett has been kind to Manchester United down the years when favouring the Champions. United fans will recall that Bennett denied United what looked like a perfectly good goal in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. Bennett has also sent Ronaldo off, not once but twice. In short and in response to Rafa's misguided claims, Steve Bennett is simply a bad referee and he's no friend of United or Liverpool.

Fergie will no doubt be chuckling to himself on hearing about Rafa's outburst, so expect more of the same in the next few weeks. Fergie's wind-up machine looks set to run and run into the New Year.


  1. You have Chelsea next, Liverpool have Stoke. They're much more likey to get a win or at least a positive result.

    He Liverpool win and you don't, the media will be full of 'Ferguson falls for Benitez mind games'. Benetez has won leagues against arch propagandists Real Madrid. He is not unsophisticated. Your analysis IS.

  2. You have no idea do you? Funny.

    Take the short cut to thinking.

    See how many decisions you get on Sunday

  3. Did fergie get any suspensions when he said lwhat he said about referees? NO! He was suspended when he bullied him on the ground, which is different, do not try to fix facts. Rafa knew what was saying and he had notes to prove what he was saying. There is difference in how Keegan reacted and how Rafa spoke. And he made it clear, he is not going to fall under mind games. No other Manager had the balls to say these things, even though everyone knew that these things have been going on for a long time. Get your facts right before slating anyone

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Arise Sir Rafael Benitez

    Was that the funniest press conference you're ever likely to see?

    To all those media hacks trying to compare it with Keegan's rant at Ferguson and accusing Rafa of taking the bait; step back and think about it for a change. It is nothing like the rant of a broken man like Keegan, who had seen his side squander a healthy lead at the top of the table, reacting to the provocation and mind games from the purple nosed one. It is not taking any bait from Ferguson and signs of losing the plot, as Ferguson hasn't said anything for Rafa to react to. How can he take the bait if there isn't any there? He knew exactly what he was saying. A man losing the plot and reacting does not have a sheet full of notes to hand! He's casting the bait for Mr.Ferguson to bite on.

    Rafael Benitez has spoken out this afternoon and said the things that everyone else has been too scared to say before. Everyone thinks it, but nobody has the balls to stand up and say it; until now. Well done Rafael Benitez. Alex Ferguson has been intimidating referees and the authorities for too long with nobody daring to stand up to him, and we now have a manager prepared to do just that. We've waited long enough!

    It does hurt and scare them down the east lancs that we sit top of the table, and could be 10 points clear of them by Saturday night. It scares them to see a Liverpool side that sit clear at the top and can only become stronger with the return of Fernando Torres. It scares them that come May we could be sat back on the perch Ferguson always wanted to knock us off. They're scared, make no mistake about it.

    And on that note, it's about time we stopped worrying about the fall from grace and being overtaken at the top. What about belief and desire, something Benitez has shown in abundance this afternoon. He's been very, very clever with his words today, putting pressure on the referee before the game with Chelsea on Sunday in a very astute manner. Something Ferguson and Mourinho have been masters at for the past few years. It's refreshing to see our manager ruffling a few feathers. The season starts here.

    We're in there fighting and that press conference this afternoon is the music to my ears as we enter the ring. This is where it all begins.

    He's timed it to perfect. A calculated swipe on the eve of what could be the defining weekend of the season. We've just got to go out an beat Stoke now to see whether today's press conference has any affect on the Sunday.

    And the greatest thing about the interview? The simple slip of the tongue that highlights the humour and mindset of Rafael Benitez? Referring to him and Mr.Ferguson instead of Sir. The work of a genius. Simple yet blunt. Dismissing the stature of the man with the exchange of one word. Brilliant.

    Our manager has started playing games this afternoon that may or may not have an affect on games, and ultimately the destination of the league title, but he's brought a smile to my face anway. Thank you Rafa.

    Take the pressure off Gerrard. Take the pressure off Keane. Take the pressure off the side and putting it all upon himself and the referee before Sunday.

    I doff my cap sir.

  5. What's funny is I watched the video of it and Rafa actually took a piece of paper when asked about Fergie. He actually came prepared for this rant...

  6. It just goes to show how we see things differently. It will be interesting to see how the media at large perceive Rafa's comments, but make no mistake Fergie has touched a raw nerve.

    As for taking the heat of Gerrard, if any of you Scousers believe that one press conference will take the focus away from Stevie G then you're deluded...

  7. Go on Rafa !

    Gotta hand it to him, he has set the ball in motion for something to be done about Fergie and attacking referees publically !

  8. Yes, go Rafa, all the way to the looney bin.....


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