Sunday, January 11, 2009

Benzema to United: Fact or fiction?

IF and it's a very big if, we are to believe the all too often desperate Sunday tabloid press, then United have decided that Lyon's Karem Benzema is the man who will eventually replace Carlos Tevez. Predictably though, there's not a shred of evidence to support this latest transfer tale.

We the fans cannot totally rule out that there is some truth behind this latest story, because it's a well known fact that clubs will often allow the media to do their bidding for them when tipping-off selected journalists ahead of a big money transfer. The News of the World have tagged the story as an "exclusive" - which must be the most over used term in the paper's football pages.

It also cannot rule that Benzema's name has simply been hacked out of a potential list of summer transfer targets, with a view to creating a back-page splash headline in a bid to increasing today's Sunday sales figures.

Personally, I have my doubts about Benzema signing for United, reason being, he is hot property and so he has the pick of Europe and what's more he's been quoted saying that he'd like to play in Italy. Real Madrid and Barcelona are said to be interested.

There is also the question of the transfer fee. It's well documented that Lyon's owner has put a huge price-tag on the player's head. United are reportedly balking at paying £32m for Tevez. If we believe the Lyon president, we will end up paying a lot more for Benzema and so I simply do not see that happening.

My money is on United agreeing a deal with Tevez and his agent, at least that is what I hope happens.


  1. Totally agree, Benzema is not coming. Tevez deal may get done, but in either case, we don't want to spend huge on a player who will be under utilized. Who is gonna push Rooney and Berba out of the picture???

  2. That is a question for Fergie...

    United could do worse than snap up Adriano from Inter Milan if and when he becomes available which could be soon.

  3. The only way United could do worse is if they signed a three legged dog to play upfront!

    Adriano is criminally over-rated. Lazy, clumsy, overweight and with none of the craft or guile of Berbatov or the industry of Tevez. The fact that teams like West Ham, Man City and Blackburn passed on him a year or so ago should be enough proof. Even Sao Paulo didn't want to make his loan move permanent.

  4. What you say is partly true, but you do not become a bad player overnight. Perhaps one last chance at a big club might give him the kick up the arse which he clearly needs.


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