Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fergie's United career: Top 21 highlights...

This week Fergie celebrates 21 years in charge of the Red Devils. You either love him or loathe him, but his record of achievement speaks for itself.

Here we present our own top 21 Fergie highlights at United:

21 The decision to play the reserves/youth team in Carling Cup games (and then losing to Coventry – saving fans from having to fork-out for the much maligned Automatic Cup Scheme)

20 The selling of RVN, some Reds viewed this as a disaster at the time but it made the team revert to playing the style of football other clubs (are you reading this Chelsea?) can only dream of. Winning the title back as the ultimate bonus – in doing so, stopping Mourinho et al making it three in a row

19 Winning the Cup Winners Cup back in ’91 – after all the success since then, this victory rarely gets a mention now. However, back then it was a massive achievement and occasion – plus it got United firmly back on the European map

18 The signing of the “unknown” Ronaldo

17 Having the balls to introduce a bunch of "kids" in 1995/6 season (“You will win nothing with kids” – Alan Hansen)

16 Doing the double that same season (and rivals City going down) – does life get any sweeter?

15 The signing of Brian McClair – Not every Red’s favourite player but undoubtedly, the first United great goal-scorer since Denis Law. Also a loyal servant, still with the club

14 The dropping of Jim ‘Dracula’ Leighton, and restoring the late Les ‘The Cat’ Sealey. For Fergie it could well have been a case of it’s either him or me

13 His “winding up” of Kevin bloody Keegan which accumulated into the unforgettable outburst – still makes us snigger to this day

12 His comment on rivals Liverpool “My greatest achievement was knocking those bastards off their perch”

11 The signing of Peter Schmeichel, possibly United greatest ever ‘keeper

10 Standing his ground amidst controversy and selling McGrath and Whiteside, in doing so putting to an end the booze culture within the club

9 The signing of Denis Irwin, one of the great “unsung” heroes

8 The signing of St Ole Gunnar Solskjaer – enough said

7 The signing of Keano, perhaps the only possible replacement for Bryan ‘Robbo’ Robson

6 The signing of Cantona - not only did this transform a good team into a great one, but it broke the hearts of rivals Leeds United too

5 Finally breaking free from the Albatross of not winning the league in 1992-‘93

4 Ignoring all the pleas from United fans to replace Giggs in the ’99 cup semi final replay with Arsenal – the rest is history

3 Changing United from a “nearly” team and national laughing stock into champions (and being nationally despised)

2 His (and Kiddo’s) celebrations when Bruce scored the injury time winner against Sheffield Wednesday - although there were still 5 games to go, no one in football was in any doubt that the title was coming back to Old Trafford after a 26 year wait

1 Of course, the treble season. Great players, unforgettable matches, superb team and ending up as Champions of Europe - magnificent

All lists are subjective, so send us your own list or views on the above.

We will be posting Fergie's 21 worst United moments later...

Pete Bug & James Ryddel

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  1. I believe fergie's best moments should include(in no particular order) the decision to buy Peter Schmeciel,Selling Beckham buying ronaldo,buying edwin van de sar,substituting both yorke and cole "that night at the Nou camp",allowing keane to move on after the bust up, letting Ruud leave after his alleged bust up with ronaldo,Getting rid of experienced players in favour of youth,winning the double double,buying michael carrick therefore allowing the team to gel to prime satisfaction,acquisition of rooney,buying Vidic,winning the treble,dominating the premiership


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