Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wonderkid swoop talk surfaces...

It's another quiet news day folks with it being an international weekend, so it comes as no surprise that The Sun is doing a spot of transfer kite flying with United supposedly set to splash out £7m for Patizan Belgrade's 17-year-old striker Stevan Jovetic. The Montenegro international has scored six goals for his club side this season.

Here's a question, supposing for one moment that this story is actually true, how come United always have to pay over the odds when signing players? Compare and contrast with Wegner at Arsenal, earlier this week he was linked with signing a brilliant young Spanish player, but the fee will reportedly be only £700,000.

Wenger is not only a brilliant manager, he's also an economist, he is the Gunners equivalent of a tight-fisted chancellor who spends club money like he'd no doubt spend his own - like a miser. Without his prudent buying and selling of players, it has been said by Peter Hill-Wood the Arsenal big-wig that Arsenal wouldn't have moved to the Emirates Stadium.

Strikers will always come at a premium price, but I cannot help feel that United's reputation precedes them when it comes to acting daft with the cheque book.


  1. JR,

    He did spend £7 million on Rosicky just before the last world cup. That said in the 2006 - 2007 season it looks like he made a transfer profit of around £27 million. Not bad. Who was that chap I mentioned being my favourite choice for the united job again?


  2. you got it right when it comes to wenger. he is a shrewd businessman. the majority of his player is not that expensive and almost all of them are money well spent.

    p/s- i just started a blog about man utd would love to learn a thing or two about blogging from you :-)

  3. u got it right when it come to wenger. he is a cunning businessmen.

    p/s- i just started a blog about man utd and would love to learn a thing or to about blogging from you


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