Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We want our Red Star Belgrade plaque back...

After close on forty years of supporting the Red's, it still amazes me how some Manchester City fans are so bitter and twisted where the subject of anything to do with United is concerned.

Take for instance the latest revelation that a plaque given to United by Red Star Belgrade at a banquet directly after the game in February 1958 has suddenly re-surfaced and is being auctioned.

This plaque disappeared after the fateful crash a day later. It is now up for auction, after, it would appear, one of the rescue team, a British Aid worker, "retrieved" the plaque from the smouldering wreckage, and for reasons best known to himself, decided to take it home and keep it hidden for 50 years.

After the understandable outrage from Old Trafford some blues have contacted the Manchester Evening News with their usual anti-United bile.

One City fan has written in claiming that United have "exploited" the crash for 50 years. Another one suggests that United want the plaque back so they can display it in the museum and profit from extra admission charges. Bizarrely, one even condones the auction and profiteering of a crime for the simple reason United are not a British owned club.

Let me retort. It doesn't matter if your team is owned by a family of introverted American businessmen, a Russian gangster or even a former prime minister of an Oriental backwater with a dodgy Human Rights record. Something of ours was stolen, it doesn't matter how long ago - we want it back.

What cannot be disputed is the fact that whoever the dispicable person was who stole the plaque they were guilty of one of the most heinous acts of looting. What would be made of a fireman who came into a house to extinguish a blaze and helped himself to a family airloom?

There is also no doubt about the real owners of the plaque - it belongs to
Manchester United and should be returned immediately. End of story.

I feel saddened that some of these City fans still refer to us as "Munich's" and chant obnoxious and disgraceful songs about the disaster at derby games. Have they no idea that one of their greatest ever players, Frank Swift, also perished in the 1958 Munich air-crash disaster?

It's a sad indictment of our society when, just because of the hatred born out of seething jealousy, some of these imbeciles have nurtured about our club, they actually take the time and effort to write (I'm also surprised that some of them can) to a newspaper condoning an abhorrent criminal act while having pathetic little digs at United.

Will they ever learn?



  1. THEFT

    “a person is guilty of theft if he or she dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.”

    Section 1 theft act 1968 (oops)


    - Illegal taking and carrying away of personal property belonging to another with the purpose of depriving the owner of its possession.

    Larceny act 1916 (more like it)

    The intent required is that one intended to deprive the possessor of the property "permanently". Courts have held that "permanence" is not simply keeping forever; it can include the intent to deprive the possessor of economic significance, even if there are plans to return the property later. Although the mens rea of larceny is the intent to steal, the focus is on the loss to the possessor, not the gain to the defendant

    This is a very technical area further complicated by the fact that the heinous crime did not occur on English soil.

    So to summarize;

    Give us our plaque back you thieving b***ard & wind your f***ing necks in blue noses.

    & rest.

  2. DIVS!!!!.Should spend more time on the club they love than being bitter and twisted about what is going on at OT

    no more to say.

    Thanks granny for putting me on to this its a top site.


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