Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ronaldo writes off Chelsea...

Cristiano Ronaldo has been talking to the press again, prior to the recent Roma game he made the mistake of telling the press that an un-named Roma player had begged for mercy during last season's Old Trafford encounter when United hammered Roma 7-1. Perhaps not surprisingly he was given the elbow and a black-eye 24 hours later when the two sides met.

Today the United winger said that you cannot write-off Chelsea, but then he went on to do just that: "Chelsea without Mourinho, that's a completely different team.
"You can never write Chelsea off, but I have a feeling that this will not be a good season for them."

Ronaldo was talking to Austrian newspaper Heute.


  1. I don't think he spoke to the media about the 'begging for mercy' thing before the Roma match. It just came into the spotlight because it was mentioned in his just released book Moments. So the press looked to pull out those quotes and play them up prior to the game.

    But yes, he has been talking a lot to the media lately, although, much of what he's been saying has been quite positive and endearing to us fans.

  2. I think he just needs to watch what he says, in general. We all know that publishing books & spouting off, don’t go down too well at OT. & what is this book lark anyway. How can you write a biography when you’re only about twelve.

    I put it down to greed, which upsets me. In fact as soon as my thoughts are drawn away from the skill side of the game towards the financial side I start getting upset. See how I am now pressing down harder on my keyboard as I type.

    Like all players Ronaldo should do his talking on the pitch.

  3. There's a thing, I wasn't even aware of his book. Some things are best left unwritten until the said player retires and this is a perfect example of retribution following unwise comments made public at the wrong time.


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