Saturday, October 27, 2007

Prospect of mouth-watering fireworks display against Arsenal looms large..

United equalled a club record today when they trounced 'Boro 4-1 at Old Trafford, it's only second time in the Reds history that they've scored four goals or more in succession, the last time was season 1907-08. The questions about United's early season goal drought seem like a distant memory now and from languishing near the foot of the table just a few weeks ago, Fergie's side sit once again proudly at the top of the league, if only for 24 hours as next weekend's challenger's Arsenal prepare to meet Liverpool.

The media and fans alike will of course now be eagerly looking forward to the clash with the early season league leaders at the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners have a young team and look to be getting better by the week, but like United they've not had it all their own way in the season's early exchanges. Against Sunderland recently, the Gunners didn't look too clever at the back and Roy Keane will believe that his side deserved at least a point that day. They had their moments of fortune against Man City too in another game that Wenger's side didn't really deserve to win.

However, both United and Arsenal look to be right on song now and with no midweek game for the Red Devils after being dumped out of the Carling Cup, Fergie now has to decide who will stand down to make way for fit again Owen Hargreaves who despite the Reds return to goalscoring form of late is very much needed in that engine-room.

Against Dynamo Kiev in midweek United were pretty impressive going forward, albeit against a side seemingly intent on self-destruction by allowing the visitors too much time and space, but at times Fergie's side looked venerable to the counter-attack and that is why the return of the former Bayern star is much welcomed. Hopefully he will close the door in the face of the opposition should the Reds lose the ball going forward.

Anderson is another new player who has already shown what he is capable of, the Brazilian has been outstanding in this last few games. Perhaps the biggest compliment anyone can pay the little man is that we wont miss the injured Paul Scholes. Some fans now believe that Anderson and Hargreaves should be paired together in the centre of midfield, this is what many supporters see as Fergie's long-term engine-room. The idea certainly has merit as Anderson and Hargreaves can tackle, pass, and score goals and they both get up and down the park better than just about any other players in the squad.

Arsene Wenger has his own box-of-tricks in the form of Fabregas, who already is looking like a stronger runner in the player-of-the-year stakes. The Arsenal manager has and his team will fancy their chances of putting one over Fergie.

For their part United supporters will be no doubt be hoping that Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez & Co have saved a few tricks and treats for Wenger's team, and the prospect of putting on an extra special display against the Arsenal in the capital is indeed a mouth-watering prospect.

Fergie, who still relishes every opportunity to rub Wenger's nose in it, will no doubt already be plotting to bring down the Gunners and make no mistake he's got the munitions to do the job. One thing we can be sure of is that there will be fireworks on and off the pitch in North London next weekend.


  1. i am a man u fan but i believe dat arsenal r jus far 2 superior dan us currently + i cant c anything but am arsenal win. however my opinion may changed if arsenal dont beat liverpool. da 1 thing certain is dat it will b am intertaining game!

  2. My lord, "anonymous" did you make it past grade 3??? Speak English lad!! And Arse superior? They have won against poor teams, and have struggled to do so at times. Indeed it won't be an easy match, but we will come away with the win. Compared across all positions, we are the better team.

  3. Looks well set up for next Saturday, we did the double over u last season with a less experienced team but I still have bad memories from the previous season when u broke our 49 unbeaten run and our season never recovered.
    Still if we beat the pool this week and u next week i think we can win the title

  4. compared all position n ure better?
    1st team..injuries not included..

    almunia/van de sar...vds a lil better
    toure/ferdinand..toure a lil better
    gallas/vidic..on par
    fabregas/scholes..of course on current form fabregas
    flamini/carrick or hargreaves..on par
    rosicky/ryan gigs..rosicky
    hleb/ronaldo..ronaldo of course but on current form might be hleb
    van persie/rooney..on par

    there's 50 50 chance u know..both teams are strong n well really depends on form and tactics in the end..dont be so biased..u lose 2 times last season with your so-called better team..

  5. almunia/van de sar...vds a lil better
    toure/ferdinand..toure a lil better
    gallas/vidic..on par
    fabregas/scholes..of course on current form fabregas, and Anderson???? He is going to be scary good, already shows that at 19
    flamini/carrick or hargreaves..on par, surely you jest, Hargo is much better
    rosicky/ryan gigs..rosicky
    hleb/ronaldo..ronaldo of course but on current form might be hleb , again misguided, not even in the same class as Ronaldo
    van persie/rooney..on par Again, my lord, Van Persie is nowhere near as good as Rooney

  6. Arsenal likely line-up

    sagna toure gallas clichy

    eboue fabregas flamini hleb

    adebayor walcott

    man utd likely line up?

    Brown ferdinand vidic evra

    ronaldo scholes anderson nani
    Rooney teves

    in my honest opinon arsenal have a better more organised defense and midfield, man utd obviously have the more talented goalkeeper but every one of the back four are world class, the same cannot be said for vidic/brown/neville,

    as for arsenals strikers available are still underexperienced in the premier league despite their undoubted potential, whilst man utds partnership in rooney and tevez i believe are one of the best in europe.

    arsenals midfield is packed with speed and their play thrives on counter attacks which results in attacking in numbers and have been breathtaking this season.

    I truly believe arsenal will win with a two goal lead at least, we will have the possesion the tactics we use are more advanced and succesful imho

    my verdict - man u 1 - 3 arsenal

  7. Both United and Arsenal have proved, evidently, moments of exasperation for their fans, despite consistent lines of victories, but for this game both teams will have an approach different than they might apply to one against Sunderland et al. It seems a stalemate right now, but on the day, those who score the most will win, and both Arsenal and United have proved they can score a lot (except United have had four games on the trot with four goals each).

  8. Neville and Vidic not world class??? I can only assume you don't watch much football and haven't for a few years. Please remember that the CM for United is likely to be Hargreaves and Anderson, and these too will fight tooth and nail to control the midfield. I am predicting a 3-2 united, which was the same score by which Arsenal scraped by Sunderland. Indeed the Arsenal offence has looked impressive, but against who?? In some other matches you've just gotten by.

  9. if we dont win this match on saturday i have to wear an arsenal jersey to school.

    shoot me.

    ps. anyone know when the game will play in california?

    im guessing its around 8.45pm..


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