Monday, October 22, 2007

Kenwyne Jones to save Keano's bacon...

Rookie Sunderland manager and Reds legend Roy Keane eventually went on to spend an eye-watering £32m in the summer transfer window and until he pinched Trinidadian star Kenwyne Jones from Southampton, it looked for all the world that the Black Cats were going to be pretty much down among the Premier League dead-men as the season went on.

You wouldn't normally use the term 'pinched' given that Keane had spent £6m on a striker from the Championship, but the impact Jones has made in short order has been nothing short of spectacular and comparisons with Didier Drogba are now being made. It is a fair comparison too.

Jones is big, strong, immense in the air and he looks like the real deal. So much so that when and not if, Sunderland are asked about his availability the asking price will be at least triple what the Black Cats shelled out to buy him. Providing Jones avoids injury, he alone will virtually guarantee Sunderland's place in the big league this season - because without him, they will struggle in front of goal.

Questions about Keane's apparent transformation from the player that was at times the Devil incarnate to Father Ted are being asked - exactly what has brought about this transformation? On Sunday against the Hammers we were given a rather large clue. Keane's team didn't get what they deserved against West Ham, they ended up on the wrong end of a 3-1 scoreline, all the while the Irishman remained a picture of calmness apart from the roll of his shark-like dead eyes when the home team scored after his back four didn't clear their lines. But on the upside Keano knows that he's unearthed a real gem in Jones who once again scored a majestic goal and that is why he can knowingly take defeat on his grey chin. Sunderland will be ok this season, they will stay up largely, thanks to the big man up front.

I'd like to see Jones end up at United where once we had the pleasure of watching another star from Trinidad, one Dwight Yorke. Happy days.


  1. While it's true that Dwight York and Kenwyne Jones are both from the same country, Trinidad and Tobago, Dwight is from Tobago whereas Kenwyne is from Trinidad.

    I hate to see a good story spoiled by minor mistakes.

  2. Thanks! Arf...

    It's very true though isn't it? Jones will save Keano's bacon. Very shrewd buy that one. I bet Yorkie was the one behind that move.


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