Wednesday, July 25, 2007

United season tickets: What is going on?

There's has been a great deal of speculation over just how many Reds are on what some United fans describe as the clubs 'mythical waiting list'. The club have maintained for some time that they've had a waiting list of 10,000 fans chomping at the bit to snap up a season ticket.

However, last year the club brought out a new one year season ticket and the Manchester United Fans Trust recently speculated that this mythical waiting list figure was largely made up of fans who'd recently purchased a year season ticket. The thinking being that just maybe the club were massaging the facts to come up with the figure of 10,000.

Following on from this the club is set to be challenged in court due its decision to try and force all season ticket holders onto the automatic cup scheme, which has proved to be extremely unpopular with many long standing cash strapped season ticket holders as it dramatically bumps up the price.

As of yet unconfirmed reports have also claimed that as many as up to 8,000 season ticket holders may have recently given up their cherished season tickets on the grounds that they can no longer afford it.

The very latest news, and this is purely anecdotal evidence, is that all may not going to plan regarding the sale of season tickets, because the club have made what can only politely be described as a very poor attempt to convince fans that owning a season ticket is something that's worth shouting about by launching a dedicated website to do just that...

To put it mildly this a heavy handed and crass piece of marketing and it's unlikely in the extreme that any fan worth his salt would embarrass himself or herself by sending in a totally uncool video of themselves jumping for joy about owning a season ticket. Times must be bad.

I'm not providing the link because I've given this embarrassing crass piece of marketing hype enough of a plug already.

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  1. A mate of mine who is a loyal red is convinced that the waiting list is a myth. But very crafty they get you to test in at premium rate to join a list which may not exsist, just a bad as the BBC's compitition lines


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