Tuesday, July 24, 2007

United onto a loser over Heinze to Liverpool move?

As ever there's a lot of hot-air coming out of Fergie's hairdryer, this time over the future of Gabriel Heinze. Arch rivals and bitter enemies Liverpool have set the cat among the pigeons by trying to sign the Argentine defender who has been dislodged from Fergie's first choice eleven by the much improved Patric Evra. Not only that Reds fans can look forward to the fast emerging Jonny Evans stepping into the limelight this season and no current 1st choice defender at the club will be safe when he get his proverbial feet under the table and becomes accustomed to life in the big league.

So what about the Scousers interest in Heinze? Well for starters, the Liverpool bid is the only serious offer for the player on the table. Somewhat suprisingly David Gill has hinted that because the club is no longer a PLC they are under no pressure to sell if they do not want to. Given the lavish spending this summer and the Reds debt mountain you might have expected that they were only too willing to cash-in on a player who is nearly 30 years of age, added to which before the seasons end there was talk of a player cull at the club.

United would clearly be mad to sell a good player to a top four rival, but what choice does the club have? As I understand it, under FIFAs new rules, Heinze can if he so wishes buyout his contract which would cost him nearly £7m. Livperool would then get the player on a free transfer. The Merseyside Reds would then compensate the Argentine with a hefty signing of on fee.

Sadly and this will annoy many Reds fans, I think Fergie and United are backing a loser here and that Heinze looks set to become the first player since 1962 when Phil Chisnall switched between these two North West football giants.

Fergie is blowing hot-air at present, but it's good to see that he's still the got fire in his belly.

One final question. If it came to a choice of selling either Heinze (to even Liverpool) or say Rossi what would you do? For me at least anyway it would be bye, bye, Gabby.


  1. Hi,

    Being an avid reader of ur blog, this is my 1st comment :D

    "Livperool would then get the player on a free transfer. The Merseyside Reds would then compensate the Argentine with a hefty signing of on fee."

    If I am not mistaken, under the new FIFA ruling, Heinze can buyout his contract but only within certain period. It is around 2 weeks after season end; and that period had been over by now.

    And I agree with the point that either Gaby or Rossi, I also want to see Rossi stay compare to the former.

  2. Hmm, not sure about this two weeks business, but you could be right. If you are right it will be very interesting to see what develops.

    But I don't expect this to end in court. It wont happen IMO.

    This is brinksmanship on behalf of United.

    There isn't a lot of point in keeping players who want out.

  3. I heard another 'theory' - that what Rafa might want to do, is to unsettle Gabby even if he can't buy it. The bigger ambition is to create disharmony in Man Utd camp. Up until now, Gabby didn't speak anything about the probability of going to Liverpool and it really breaks my heart if he do and let his agent do the talking. I know, he eager to go as he's not automatic first choice LB but going to Liverpool is a big NO NO.

    Seems like Spain is lacking left defender. Sheesh.


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