Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tevez transfer row going to court?

According to the latest news the saga involving Argentine Carlos Tevez, West and Man United might, worst case, have to go to court to be settled.

The Premier League are insisting that the bulk of the transfer fee, which could amount to £30m should go to West Ham United, but the Hammers do not own the ecomomic rights to the player so that scenario seems unlikely.

Further to which speculation suggests that some are now saying that the Premier League can no longer be an arbiter on this transfer and that it's likely FIFA and the FA will be brought in to try to resolve this issue. If that fails then all parties could have their day in court.

Sheffield United will be watching devolopments very closely...


  1. Premire league are doin this just to save themselves because they know Man U and Tavez representatives are right.they are just waisting everybodys time.If this case goes to court i bet tat Premire league u will lose the case and get embarassed once again.poor Sheffield.

  2. i think tevez deserves a break he should be allowed to join his dream club remember when he was fined because of wearing A man_U t-shirt.



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