Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tevez transfer meeting news...

A spokesman for the Premier League has confirmed that they are set to meet FIFA on Monday to discuss the Carlos Tevez situation. Last week David Gill, stated that the matter would be resolved by going to arbitration with FIFA. However, it seems that the United CEO was somewhat premature as a spokesman for the PL confirmed “There will be a meeting between the Premier League, the FA and Fifa on Monday to discuss the Tevez situation.

“One of the issues to be decided is whether to take the matter to Fifa for them to rule on the dispute between the parties.”

FIFA have long known about third party ownership of players, as the practice is common in South America, so on the face it there would appear to be no problem on that score. The Tevez situation is of course a very complicated business though, because Sheffield United could launch a £50m lawsuit against the league.

If FIFA came out and supported Tevez and backed up his claim that he should be able to cancel his contract because he reportedly had a get-out clause in his original contract with The Hammers, that may well confirm that the player was still owned by MSI and it would stand up in the law courts thus giving The Blades enough ammunition to launch that lawsuit against the Premier League.

The most simple solution would it seems be for West Ham to cancel the player's contract themselves. However, there remains a nagging feeling that this saga will be decided by the law courts.

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