Friday, July 06, 2007

Tevez to become United's missing link?

So then after much speculation it seems that Carlos Tevez is indeed set to become a United a player, albeit on loan for a couple of seasons. The transfer once completed will go down as one of the most complicated that I can recall concerning a United player, but it will by no means unique as Javier Mascherano has a similar deal at Liverpool.

Under the terms of the deal, the Red Devils will hold the players registration while his agent will retain the ecomonic rights to Tevez. In other words a third party will still effectively own the player, this it transpires is not against Premier League rules. What is against the rules is something called "side agreements" which in translation means that a third party could in theory hold some influence over the said club. It is, as I say, a very complicated business and it's one that I'm personally not that comfortable with going forward. Imagine a scenario whereby some third party owned five Man United players and five Man City players, it doesn't take Einstein to see the potential dangers of match fixing.

However, now is not the time to be pessimistic, Reds will no doubt be excited about the forthcoming season, and rightly so, as matters on the pitch are looking very optimistic indeed with the capture of three young world class players, add in the mouth-watering prospect of Tevez arriving and it will surely represent one of Ferguson's best ever summers on the transfer front.

So what about Tevez the player, just what is he likely to bring to the table and how well will he fit in at United? For starters, he's got one season under his belt in the Premier League, which is great, he isn't unproven. Whenever I saw the Hammers play last season he was their star man. He is also a former Brazilian footballer of the year - given that he's an Argentine, that speaks volumes in itself.

Personally I think that Rooney and Tevez could terrorise defenses next season, both on the domestic and European stage. True neither is an out and out centre forward and both are classed as second strikers. But in their favour, both are extremely hard working and make themselves hard to mark, unlike many traditional centre forwards who lack movement, Tevez and Rooney drift across the forward line. Even Van Nistelrooy, despite his many goals, became quite predictable and easy to mark during his final months in the United shirt.

For me the Rooney and Tevez partnership could be explosive and it could go down as one of the most successful in the clubs history - providing that they click, they will be for me the deadly gruesome twosome.

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