Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tevez being treated like a prime piece of Argentine beef steak..

They've always said that footballers are treated like lumps of beef, often sold on to the highest bidder. That metaphor certainly rings true regarding the Carlos Tevez move to United. West Ham United, no doubt quite rightly fearing reprisals from the Premier League, are holding firm stating that they will control this deal and that any deal must be agreed with them. What else can they do, given the threats from the Premier League?

Meanwhile, MSI the players representatives, who own the Argentine's 'economic rights' want the lions share of the fee.

It is without doubt the biggest shambles that I can ever remember regarding a transfer. Before this sorry episode the Premier League were viewed by many to be on a higher plane than the hapless FA, not any longer.

Here's a thought, if West Ham United were able to cancel the contract of Javier Mascherano and he subsequently signed for Liverpool, then why can't the Hammers do likewise with the Tevez contract?

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