Friday, July 06, 2007

Sven takes over and says 'City are a big club' six times.....

It hasn't taken Sven long to latch onto the Man City 'big club' mantra, because during an interview with the often hapless Evening News, the former England manager and lothario managed to say that City are a big club no less than six times. It was almost as if he was trying to convince himself that they are indeed a big club. No doubting Sven was just trying to buddy up to Blues who never stop telling us all what a big club City are and so it goes...

I actually wish Sven and Tord Grip well, the Swede was forced out of the England job by our gutter press, he did not deserve that. How long the Swede will rein at Eastlands remains to be seen, a lot will depend on what money the new management team will be given to spend and of course there's still the business of 'Frank' Shinawatra's outstanding court date, which could, worst case, be catastrophic for both the former Thai Prime Minster and the Blues.

In terms of management style, Sven is the exact opposite of Stuart Pearce, the former City manager spent most of his time jumping up and down on the touchline often remonstrating with his own players or the officials. The most action City fans are likely to see from Sven is the odd shrug of the shoulder, and during moments of high drama on the pitch the Swede has been known to perform the odd buttock shuffle on the bench, but to all and intensive purposes City fans wont actually be aware that he's there.

No doubting many a City fan will be already dreaming of a European spot finish at the seasons end for the Blues. The fact is that so far they haven't signed anyone yet this summer and like Sunderland they'd better get busy or face the prospect of what will be a very difficult season.

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