Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Once in a lifetime New York Cosmos...'unmissible'..

It isn't often that you see a tv listing described as 'unmissible', and I cannot ever before recall that term being used to describe a football documentary/film, but that is how 'Once in a liftime - the story of New York Cosmos' was billed in the UK press over the weekend.

I sat through the film transfixed and at the same time amazed at this wonderful story about the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos.

The BBC timed its screening to coincide with David Beckham's arrival in the US and the former England captain's arrival has as expected been newsworthy, with 'Golenballs' taking centre stage on the front cover or Sports Illustrated.

However, I seriously doubt that Beckham will have the same impact as the one and only great Pele with crowds of 77,000 turning out to see him play at the Giants stadium. Time will soon tell on Beckham.

But back then for the Cosmos, it really was a fantastic time for all those connected with the New York club. Words alone do not do this great piece of documentary making justice and the good news is that if you didn't see it on BBC2 on Sunday night, it is available on DVD.

It is worth every penny, so go out and buy it.


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