Friday, July 27, 2007

Liverpool's new stadium: It looks dire......

I cannot believe how bad Liverpool's proposed revamped stadium looks, it is absolutely awful from the outside. It looks like an office building. It looks nothing like any football stadium that I've visited, new or old.

That said, who among us longstanding football fans really likes any of the new stadiums which have sprung up over the last few years? They all look the same. There's no character about them.

According to Rick Parry, Liverpool's CEO, the fact that none of the four new stands are alike was part of the thinking behind the design, this we are told is an 'asymmetrical design'. If someone from Man City had come out with that line we Reds would be wetting ourselves with laughter. In other words it's a dogs breakfast of a design.

Design is of course a very subjective matter and personally my favourite despite all the money that has been lavished on these new stadiums is the Nou Camp, which was built between 1954-1957. The Nou Camp is built around the classic bowl shape, as with many things you cannot beat simplicity.

However, the angles of the different levels of the Nou Camp are so steep that you feel as though you are right on top of the action - even in the ends behind the goal. It is therefore somewhat ironic that a stadium that was completed over 50 years ago is still more pleasing on the eye that those like the new Liverpool stadium and the others which have been built recently and I include the new Wembley in that respect.

Credit to Liverpool's new owners though, at least they've had the vision to expand so as to fulfil the Merseyside Reds full crowd pulling capacity. Liverpool are only second to United in that sense.

Before I get any hate mail from you Scousers out there. I don't think that much of the Old Trafford design either, that too is something of a hotch-potch. At least OT is still sited on its original ground though.

Rick Parry has been talking up the possibility of stadium naming rights (nothing wrong with that - easy money as far as I can see) but given the names of some US 'soccer' stadiums you do wonder what they will come up with.

I cannot see it being 'Dick's sports goods Park' or 'Pizza Hut Park', but we United fans live in hope :0).

It wasn't so long ago that Liverpool fans were chanting USA, USA to visiting Reds fans. The worm has turned and so far it's looking good for them it has to be said under the new regime.

It is still however early days.

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