Monday, July 30, 2007

Football Trivia: 12 of the best World Cup quiz...

So if you think know your stuff, let's see if you can answer these questions in our 12 of the best World Cup Quiz:

1) Why is King Karan of Romania significant in World Cup history?

2) Which two teams contested the first ever World Cup game?

3) Why was the kick-off in the 1974 World Cup final delayed?

4) Why was the kick-off in the 1978 World Cup final delayed?

5) What was rumoured to be Mussolini's encouraging telegram to the Italian team before the 1938 world cup final?

6) In which World cup tournament was there no final?

7) In which World Cup tournament did all four home nations qualify?

8) How many goals did Hungary score in their 5 matches in the 1954 tournament?

9) Which two teams were involved in the infamous "battle of Berne" in 1954?

10) Which two teams were involved in the infamous "battle of Santiago" in 1962?

11) What was the nationality of the referee who allowed Geoff Hurst's second and England's third goal in the 1966 final?

12) Which two London stadia were used during the 1966 World Cup tournament?

IF you have any of your own questions (and answers :0)) send them in along with your answers to the above.



  1. more of another trivia question...

    rooney's scored in something like 29 games for man u.

    they've won 28.

    any idea what the game was in which we lost, and he scored?


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