Friday, May 25, 2007

United 'up for sale' again as Glazers get it all wrong...

According to the Daily Mirror the Glazer family are looking to invite offers to buy the club - which has predictably been denied by a spokesperson for the family.

The story goes that the Glazers have now realised what many of us realised from the start, which is that this deal was doomed to failure, because fundamentally the Glazer family were borrowing too much cash to purchase the club - in short they couldn't afford it and the club cannot afford the ludicrous £62 million annual interest payments which have been heaped upon the club.

What is more the Glazers wrongly believed that there was huge untapped wealth just around the corner, that too hasn't materialised.

I for one seriously doubt there will be many interested buyers, I mean who can afford to pay the Lions share of $2billion to purchase a football club?

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  1. How about the guy in Dubai who tried to buy Liverpool?


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