Friday, May 25, 2007

United to offer Saha and £27m for Berbatov?..

Nothing ever surprises me with United when it comes to being stupid with cash, but if the Red's are to offer £27m + Louis Saha in exchange for Berbatov as The Sun are claiming today then , yes, I will be slightly shocked.

However, let's not forget we offered Leeds £30m for Rio when the Yorkshire club were on their knees and were in no position to turn down half that amount. United could have also captured Carrick for a fraction of the fee they eventually paid to Spurs when his old club West Ham had been relegated - if only United had done their homework and identified the player earlier...the same will apply to Berbatov if this story is true because once again United will have paid a hefty price for not spotting a player who fits the bill earlier.

It is almost as if Fergie needs to see these players prove themselves in the Premiership before he will take the risk - with Berbatov he has been around for a while and he's a proven international and so surely our backroom team have enough gumption to spot that the lad had a bit of class and was worth taking a punt on? But yet here we have Spurs - a club with less ambition and cash spotting good players earlier than United, it really isn't good enough when you think about it.

Clearly United's scouting system isn't up to the job - Ferguson has lost some of his ability to identify players, the signings of Djemba-Djemba and Kleberson add weight to that theory.

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