Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shambolic FA threaten legal action over 'rip-off' cup final ticket touting..

The FA are threatening legal action over the sale of unauthorised FA cup final ticket sales, over concerns that fans may have been 'ripped-off' by touts. This news (PR offensive) is of course entirely predictable given the shellacking that the FA have taken over the allocation of cup final tickets to both United and Chelsea.

Both clubs received just 25,000 tickets for the final, with a further 17,000 going to club Wembley and then another 23,000 going to the FAs own football family - and it is here where much of the problem lies. The FA talks about giving a reward to people up and down the country who 'give up their time' for the game - the fact is this is an out-dated tradition that needs to be scrapped. Having spent a lifetime in amateur football playing and then managing juniors I know that the people involved at those levels do not do it for reward - they do it for the love of the game.

Most of those 23,000 tickets should have been allocated to the two competing clubs, because it is the fans who follow these clubs who need to be rewarded. In continuing this out-dated tradition the FA have created a touts paradise, it is a mess of the FAs own making...

In making this statement of intent to act on the sale of unauthorised tickets the FA are being seen to 'do something' - but there's no mention of the rip-off price of burger and chips, which cost a shocking £8.50. Clearly when it comes to ripping-off the fans the FA are in a class of their own.

Further to which reports claim that the FA have been told that the New Wembley isn't fit to stage a Champions League final because of certain issues, another cock-up?

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