Friday, May 18, 2007

Ronaldo's played St Francis of Assisi...

Here's a great little story about Ronaldo's upbringing and this follows on from Jose Mourinho's recent attacks on Cristiano's education, it transpires that the boy wonder went to a good local church school and he even made a fine St Francis of Assisi in a school play...
Local boy fulfils island dream

Following on from this story I have more on this as a very good friend of mine was sat in the family stand last weekend for United's final home game of the Premiership season against West Ham United, he was sat close to Ronaldo's family and while they wont have enjoyed the result, they loved the United fans tribute song to Ronaldo which is based on the the 'Time-warp', the lyrics go like this:

He plays on the left,
he plays on the right,
that boy Ronaldo makes England look shite...

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