Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pundits analysis of FA Cup final is flawed...

I've been slightly amused by many of the reports following the FA Cup final, because nearly every report that I've read has suggested that Jose Mourinho out thought Ferguson on tactics. That wasn't the case as the possession of the ball was fairly even as were the chances created and so no side can claim to have dominated the game on a tactical level.

The best description of the game was that it was a stalemate that was eventually won when Drogba converted Chelsea's best chance of the game - if only Giggs had done likewise when he was presented with United's best chance earlier, instead he only half connected with the ball which led to much controversy when the ball eventually crossed the line off Cech.

As I mentioned after the game perhaps Fergie could have played with two up front, but then Chelsea might have dominated midfield - which did not happen despite what the revisionist media are implying.

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