Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Wembley same old FA Cup final disappointment...

After so much build up and anticipation to this first Wembley final between the top two sides in the country, it actually came as little surprise that the game was something of a damp squib, because like previous FA Cup finals at the old Wembley they often are.

The first half, apart from a couple of chances for Wayne Rooney (United's best player along with Scholes) was fogettable at best. The second half was marginally better, the big problem was that both Fergie and Mourinho were scared of losing and so both started the game with effectively one striker up front in Rooney and Drogba respectively. Ferguson had both Smith and Ole on the bench, he could have thrown down the gauntlet to Jose and started with one of them alongside Rooney, but instead he went with a more cautious 4-5-1 as did his opposite number. Fergie was probably fearful of the recent Milan mauling where once again United allowed the Italian's to dominate midfield, hence the decision to pack the centre of the park.

No doubting both managers would agree that they weren't there firstly to entertain but to win the cup, but the Reds have been winning and entertaining all season long - Chelsea have been winning as they always seem to, by just doing enough.

As the game went into extra time, you knew it would likely be settled by one goal, it was, but not without a fair degree of controversy as Petra Cech appeared to bundle the ball over the line after an effort from Giggs. Ferguson claimed that it was a goal and that the referee wasn't ideally positioned. The United camp also claimed perhaps with some justification that Steve Bennett had been affected by Jose Mourinho's pre-match comments, as the decisions did seem to go the Blues way...and rather unusually Bennett spoke prior to the game hinting he'd keep on top of certain issues...

In the end the game was settled a very good Drogba goal and United can have few complaints about that. Privately Ferguson would no doubt have preferred to have lost to a good goal rather than losing it on penalties which isn't a good way to end any game.

There will no doubt be further calls for video evidence to be used so as to get these big decisions right but I for one would leave well alone and that is despite the controversy surrounding this hugely disappointing FA Cup final.


  1. as long as we continue playing 4-5-1 in big games, we will continue to suffer.
    Man Utd plays 4-4-2, at the best.
    and the only possible way to win matches,

    "Attack, Attack, Attack."

  2. whenever fergie decides to change the way united normally play disaster strikes,we saw it in europe and we saw it on saturday,i think he should always stick to attacking never try to get draws or defend with eleven men,we would all take a loss well if utd played how they normally do,thats why upto now i havent accepted the milan loss.i think utd can bet milan anyday if they put up a premiership performance


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