Monday, May 07, 2007

Gill praises the Glazer family - I'm going to be sick...

Please pass me a bucket I'm going to be sick, because following the Red's title success yesterday, David Gill United's CEO, has been praising the Glazer family - wait for it, because they've given the club stability...ha, ha, ha, but surprise, surprise no mention of the £600m+ debts the Glazers' have heaped upon the club.

Let us not forget that Leeds United this week went into administration with debts of only £35m. The Whites previously had debts of over £100m, a fraction of those at United. It doesn't therefore take Einstein to work out that it wouldn't take much for United to go the same way as Leeds, a bad season or two could bring down the house of cards that is Manchester United under the ownership of the Glazer family.

Let us also not forget that it was David Gill who warned against the Glazer family taking over, stating rightly that it wasn't in United's best long term interests.

The Red's title success this season has been a truly remarkable achievement given what happened last summer. The club did not replace Ruud Van Nistelrooy, and then United found themselves scratching around like a second rate club looking for strikers. Henrik Larsson was eventually brought in but the Red's should haven't have been in this position in the first place. The club actually reportedly made a net profit on transfers. In my view United's title success has been achieved in spite of the Glazer family. Ferguson and his players deserve the plaudits and no one else save for perhaps the fans.

What happened at Leeds should serve as a timely reminder to all, and no one not even revisionists like David Gill is going to kid me or anyone else who can think for themselves that saddling United with £600m+ of debts is a good thing. I can think of many words to describe what the Glazers have given United, stability isn't among them.

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