Monday, May 07, 2007

Evans wants return to United - why the Red's most not sell him...

United's brilliant young Northern Ireland defender Johnny Evans whose just picked a Championship medal at Sunderland and has also won the Black Cats Young Player of the Year Award, has made it crystal clear that he wants to return to United.

The worry is that under the Glazer regime, United have been accused of penny pinching, I've lost count of the number of young players who've been either sold or sent out on loan to reduce the wage bill. This was clearly an act of short-sighted madness as far as Evans is concerned, United have been down to the bare bones of late due to injuries and our Kamikaze defending against Milan cost us dearly, without any shadow of a doubt Evans could have helped secure a place in the Champions League final in Athens later this month.

So what will United do if as I expect Sunderland come knocking with a big money offer for Evans? We will have to wait and see.

IF United want to sell a defender this summer then there's other options at the club. Silvestre and Brown to name but two. It would be a criminal act of negligence to sell Evans. You do not win leagues by selling your best young players, Ferguson surely doesn't need reminding of that. We need to build on the best youth the British Isles can muster and not cash in for a quick few quid.

Evans wants to return.

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