Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CL semi preview: Liverpool v Chelsea - it's like shooting fish in a barrel

Assuming United can manage to somehow pull off a win in Milan tomorrow and in doing so qualify for the final of the Champions League in Athens, then from a Red's perspective, you really couldn't care less too much who wins the tie between Liverpool and Chelsea. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, you cannot fail to hit one of our bitter rivals.

But from purely a football perspective, who would most Red's like to face?
Liverpool are deadly enemies of the Red Devils, the rivalry is intense to say the least. Until Mourinho arrived at the Bridge, 90% of Red's would I'm sure have preferred to face Chelsea in the final, but under the Portuguese they are formidable at the back and so from a football point of view I think a lot of United fans might prefer to face Liverpool. We also face Chelsea in the FA Cup final, neither Chelsea or United would want to lose the FA Cup final then face the same opponents in Athens just a few days later, but it could happen.

I'm fairly certain both Liverpool and Chelsea will be hoping that Milan win tomorrow night.

If I was going to back anyone in the game at Anfield tonight my money would be on Liverpool.


  1. Agreed, I think Liverpool may sneak it tonight, no Carvlaho is a huge blow for the Blues and I could see Liverpool nicking this probably on penalties.

    I also think if United get through then from a footballing perspective they would rather face Liverpool.

    How about United vs AC - whose your money on??

  2. As always, I'm rooting for Unted, but I'm a little apprehensive about the defense (of course). I'll reserve judgement til the squad is announced.


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