Monday, December 04, 2006

Why new owners for 'The Dirties' is a good deal...

IF there's one thing worse that Chelsea being owned by Roman Abramovich, it is the news that Liverpool could soon be owned by someone with even more money than the Oligarch. Apparently Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the fifth richest man in the world, it doesn't bear thinking about what might happen, perhaps Liverpool will recapture their glory years..oh no, please save us from that.

In all seriousness Liverpool are a good buy, even at £450m - which is nearly half what Glazer paid to acquire United - and Glazer did it with other peoples money - in other words borrowed money. That is the big difference here, many United fans wouldn't have been totally against foreign ownership, but they are against putting the club into hock with the banks. The thing is football clubs aren't meant to be money making machines - they do generate cash but the money generated needs to be ploughed back into the team as it largely was prior to the Glazer family taking the club into private ownership, save for the miserly dividends which the club paid out to its shareholders.

United fans wouldn't have been totally against private ownership - providing that whoever it was ran the club correctly and had its best interests at heart. The fact is the Glazer family haven't given one live public interview to United fans. No wonder they aren't trusted. The Glazer family aren't in the same league as Abramovich or Sheikh Mohammed.

We have all seen what Chelsea have achieved under Abramovich, it could happen at Liverpool too. At United the future is less certain with the clubs rising debt mountain, courtesy of Glazer's madness - it will end in tears.

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