Thursday, December 07, 2006

United see off Benfica as Champions League looks wide open..

United gave their fans a scare at Old Trafford on Wednesday night after going a goal behind on 27 minutes courtesy of a spectacular 25 yard drive from defender Marcus Nelson - in truth it was the first real serious effort of the night from other side, up and until that point neither team looked up for the game. The goal was actually a blessing as it finally stirred United into action. Vidic got the vital equaliser with a well taken header on the stroke of half-time, if the reds hadn't scored then it might have been a different story.

Ryan Giggs who didn't play well on the night gave the home side the lead on 61 minutes with another well taken header - this time the cross came in from the right from Ronaldo, Giggs was totally unmarked and made no mistake.

Benfica didn't come close to drawing level, but Simoa roasted Evra on one occasion and was easily the visitors best player. Louis Saha finally made the points and the game safe on 75 minutes and again it was another headed goal. I cannot actually remember the last time United scored three headed goals in one game - so that is something of a quiz question for any footy anoraks out there.

After the game Fergie talked about United's inability to play patient football. United had started with a 4-5-1 formation with just Saha up front, but on going a goal behind Fergie sent Rooney forward. The former Everton man didn't actually play well on the night - but United did look and play better once the switch was made. Fergie said that United cannot play patient football and he also talked about being a young side, which is something of a contradiction coming from Fergie, as when United have won he says 'the players have now grown up and have learnt' then we the reds have done badly or leaked a goal he says 'we are a young side and lack experience' and so it goes.

Graeme Souness tv pundit, former Liverpool and Rangers manager also picked up on this after the game and said that it's a good point, he says that United's style is suited to the Premier League where 'it's up and at 'em', but perhaps the reds aren't that great at playing the 'European way'. Nonetheless Souness is convinced that an English team will win the CL this season. I'm not so sure, yes the English clubs have as good a chance as anyone, but the competition is so wide open virtually any of around eight clubs could win it. Chelsea must be the favourites, but I wouldn't put a bent penny on anyone right now because in knockout football, over two legs anything can happen.

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