Sunday, December 10, 2006

United coach linked to top USA job...

According to the latest tabloid gossip Manchester United assistant coach Carlos Queiroz is on the shortlist to become the next boss of the USA. Rightly or wrongly some United fans would be happy to see the back of Queiroz, because he's said to be the brains behind United's attempts to play 4-5-1 which hasn't worked all that well when it's been tried. I don't actually totally go along with this train of thought, because the manager is ultimately responsible and so if anyone is to blame then it is Ferguson, it is a lame and cowardly excuse to blame any failings on your assistant - not that Fergie has done that publicly of course, but rumour has had it on the grapevine that is Queiroz who is responsible. Added to which it is said that Queiroz is less than popular with the players. Obviously I cannot confirm or deny the rumours because they are all hearsay.

On the managerial situation at United, something rather strange happened yesterday. United took the unusual step of holding a somewhat melodramatic press conference, it was announced that Fergie, David Gill and Marcello Lippi were to talk to the world's media. The announcement caused a fair degree of interest from United fans as rumours spread about the content of the impending press conference. As it turned out, it was to announce a friendly match date for March 2007. David Beckham will return to United to captain a European select XI and Lippi will be on hand to coach. It's a worthy cause to commemorate not only the 50th anniversary of the Busby Babes’ entry into European competition, but also the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, signalling a united Europe. All monies from the game will go to charitable causes - but as of yet it hasn't been announced if any money will go to the surviving families of the Munich air disaster of 1958.

The interesting thing is that despite the reds doing well this season, many seasoned United fans want Ferguson out as soon as possible and as one long time hardcore fan told me last night 'I was hoping it was an announcement that Ferguson was going' - this on the same day that United beat our bitter rivals. Ferguson is now seen as one of Glazer's accolytes, a man who no longer speaks up for the fans which he has done on occasion in the past. Not only that his tactics are appalling, take for example his madness against City withdrawing Saha and thus handing the initiative to the visitors, which was the consensus of our group of United and City fans last night during an after derby warm down in Manchester last night. So I really hope United win a decent pot this year then he might be gone.

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