Monday, December 11, 2006

Pardew sacked - don't blame it on the Argentine's..

So West Ham United have sacked Alan Pardew - it's hardly a surprise given the clubs position, added to which the stakes have been raised following the takeover having new owners etc. The consensus among football pundits is that the clubs Icelandic owners have over-paid to purchase the Hammers, so the pressure to do well is that much the greater in financial terms - the new investors didn't put their money into the club to see it washed down the Championship drain...

What has surprised me slightly is that some reports are blaming the clubs failings on the two Argentine signings - that seems grossly unfair on the two players concerned. The fact is West Ham have a squad of over 25 players and I'm sure Pardew wouldn't blame the two South American's for the clubs misfortune.

What has undoubtedly cost the Hammers this season is their home form, they have lost three league games at Upton Park thus far to Newcastle, Reading and Wigan - if only West Ham had won those games they'd be a lot better off and Pardew would still be in charge. You have to win your home games against teams like Reading and Wigan if you want to stay in the big league, it's the same old story though, when something bad happens the media go looking for scapegoats, step forward Johnny Foreigner.

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