Sunday, December 03, 2006

No money for Ferguson to strengthen?

The short term signing of Henrik Larsson has raised more questions than answers about United's ability under Glazer to finance Fergie's needs in relation to a serious title challenge or to win the Champions League again.

On Larsson, Fergie says it's a marvellous piece of business, because the Swede can change games. The manager also said it's an important signing because Larsson brings experience he went on talk about the title run-in, but then remembered that Larsson wont be here for that...

Apparently Rossi is being recalled from Newcastle which comes as no surprise because quite simply the move to North East was a complete waste of time, Rossi has barely featured for the Magpies.

The thing is, despite the shocking lack of options up front United keep on talking about a player who they wont be able to sign, that player is Owen Hargreaves. I for one belief this is United's spin doctors at work. The rationale being that United can say we want to sign him knowing they wont be able to and then when the move doesn't come off they can blame it on Munich. United did a similar thing with Ballack, the word went out via club sources that they had an agreement with the players agent - that went pear shaped when the German decided to join Chelsea and then Fergie stated that he wasn't right for United. This time with Hargreaves the club can say 'we tried but we cannot do it' - but the fact is that David Gill has already confirmed that United have made no official approach to Bayern, so it looks like the club are just stringing the fans is cheap.

Let us not forget that United were the Premiership's lowest net spenders last summer. Also Ferguson hasn't once spoken out against the Glazer regime - he cannot be happy with his options up front. During our historic treble winning season in 1999 Fergie constantly rotated his four strikers - this time he effectively has one out and out number 9 in Saha, granted Larsson will help in the short term, but Ferguson cannot be happy.

Chances are United will come up short this season in the title race and if that happens it will more than likely be down to the forward line situation. Ferguson needs to get out of Glazers pocket and start fighting his corner by demanding more cash for transfers - that is of course if he's got genuine ambitions of actually winning it. IF Fergie isn't allowed to bring in another top striker then it will be a missed opportunity and it will probably mean that Ferguson ends his managerial career on low note - because it is highly unlikely United will get a better chance of beating Chealsea over a season while the man from Govan remains in charge.

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