Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Has Sepp Blatter lost the plot?

Every now and again Sepp Blatter comes out with something that stuns the world of football, his latest idea is that the European leagues should re-schedule their seasons to start in February and end in November. Great idea Sepp, but where would your beloved World Cup fit into that? One presumes the World Cup would be played between December and January - which kind of rules out staging it in Europe - and it always has been held in the summer months.

Contrary to Blatter's claim - I cannot see the big clubs agreeing with this. They might be in favour of a collective winter break, but that is entirely different. What would we, the fans do during those dull winter months? What would the clubs do in the summer, many fans would be away during the season on holiday?

Not so long ago Blatter announced that the Premier League would soon be reduced to 18 teams - he made the announcement without actually telling anyone - including the Premiership big wigs.

Sorry Sepp, this is another barmy half-arsed idea.

Barking mad - as reliable as a Swiss watch and as crazy as a cuckoo clock - he never lets you down when it comes to silly ideas

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